Orthodox divorce?

If one married civilly, but not in the Greek Orthodox Church, and civilly divorced, does one need a ecclesial divorce from the Greek Orthodox Church before marrying in the Church?

Parties in question are non practicing Greek Orthodox, and Romanian Orthodox.


Have to ask the Priest on that one.

Orthodox marriages are administered by the priest, not the couple, so my guess is that no “divorce” is necessary if a priest wasn’t involved.

Agreed. Ask the priest. It’s an interesting situation because someone who didn’t feel compelled to marry in the church the first time now wants to marry in it the second time. Tell your story to the priest and he’ll sort it out.

If one didn’t have a Church marriage then why would the Church be involved in its dissolution? The real question is when are these two going to go to confession and start practicing their faith again? Right now they aren’t anything. Non-practicing means self-ex-communicated. Will the people in question get upset when they’re told they can’t marry during Lent or that they will preferably get married on a Sunday or that they will almost definitely have to attend mandatory marriage preparation? Will they stop going to church shortly after their marriage and only show up again when they want a child baptized?

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