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You’ve all been very helpful thus far in answering my questions. And I have yet another . . .

I am discerning a priestly and/or religious vocation, and wish to inquire into the orthodoxy of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. Are the Holy Land Franciscans orthodox, or have they been infected by Modernism? Thanks for the heads-up!


Something about this question does not sit well with me.

It makes me feel like we are asked to judge others pharisaically. I would suggest that you just pay them a visit and have a talk with these people, if there is something you don’t like about them don’t go any further with it.

I think this whole “infected by Modernism” thing way overblown.


I understand what you are asking. I can’t give you an answer, but how about contacting Call to Holiness and asking their opinion on the matter or if they can refer you to someone who can ensure you get into the “type” of Catholic seminary or order that you yourself are comfortable with.


There have been many abuses within seminaries of those who are of orthodox or traditional beliefs. There is a book on the subject. It is terrible how many potential priests have been turned away by outright harassment in seminaries. One of the reasons for low numbers of clergy is that there has been a systematic purge of anyone with orthodox tendencies in many of them. Nevermind that the orthodox churches have higher vocation rates than those that are not.

Here’s more on that:


And, scroll down to the Pastor’s Descant by Fr. Eduard Perrone. He is the founder and Spiritual Director of Call to Holiness (like, in response to Call to Action, uh-hmmm).

I know how I felt back in the late 1970’s wanting to enter the religious life and wondering what was “safe”. After reading what is above, it will shed some light for others why you ask the questions you do.

It’s a shame that priests are ordained actually have dissenting opinions about Catholic teaching, promoting gay marriage and the like. Yet, an orthodox Catholic is sent to the psychiatrist at the first hint of any orthodoxy or traditionalism. Never mind that his ideals are in full communion with the Holy See.


More on the book:



Furthermore, Sacramentalist, I have a feeling you may find this interesting. Read the entire page, slowly and carefully. Down towards the bottom you will eventually get to an article for the Order of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross. This is an ancient order that was running well for 700 years that went through “civil extinction” at the hands of the Portuguese Govt. It was restored in 1979 and there is a group of Priest and Sisters in my backyard from this order. They are awesome and very holy people, orthodox and faithful to the Papacy and Magisterium. That is their call. Follow the link to get more info on their ministry.


They are situated on the grounds of the National Shrine of the Assumption Grotto (Lourdes duplicate) in Detroit, MI. Assumption Grotto church itself is a significantly large parish with parishioners joining from all over southeast Michigan because they carry on the traditions of the Catholic church in full communion with the Holy See and that includes some Latin integrated into the Mass. I don’t believe it is a true TLM mass. Fr. Perrone, the man who wrote the descant above and the one who is founder of Call to Holiness is the diocesen Pastor and he happens to be a T.O. Carmelite, as well, serving as spirtual director for two secular orders.

I love St. Francis and I followed a call to a Franciscan Order, in Europe. I got ill and had to return home. Not knowing about Third Orders until recently, I continued to follow my call to be a Franciscan even as a lay member and looking into Secular Franciscans. Then I was directed to Assumption Grotto and the Third Order Carmelites. It turns out that by letting go of the Franciscans, I have found my calling because I am of a contemplative nature and it makes me a good fit for the Carms.

Bottom line is explore other orders and don’t limit yourself to the Franciscans. I have found that many do not follow true Franciscan heritage and if you really want to go that route, check into the Capuchin’s - a branch that wanted to preserve some of the true Franciscan values. There are others as well. But, don’t rule out the Order of Canon’s Regular of the Holy Cross. Take a look at their worldwide bases and if you are interested in being abroad, this order may take you there, while preserving and enhancing your orthodox values.

Here is the page about their seminary with a link if you want to just make an inquiry. I don’t know if all seminarians have to go to Brazil or not. I do know that Assumption Grotto has a decent vocation rate with some joining the Order of Canon’s Regular of the Holy Cross. I’ve been just soooo impressed with their piety and holiness. They are helpful, patient and just a picture of priestly wonder, imho.


If I were younger and healtier, I’d give the Sisters of the Holy Cross a good check.


Sacramentalist, I can’t help you re the Franciscans of the Holy Land, but I know the Franciscans of the Renewal (the Order of Fr. Benedict Groeschel) is beautifully orthodox.


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This is a very old thread…but I’m wondering this myself, about the same group, the Franciscans of the Holy Land. I have just sent them the proper information so that they may contact me. So, perhaps now people are able to know more about them than was true three years ago? Any information or resources would be great. Thanks!


There is a Franciscan group that is TRADITIONAL. Recently they have made it publicly known that the Extraordinary Rite is their preferred form of the Mass. Eventually they will exclusively have the Extraordinary Form as their conventual mass. Here is an archive of recent news about them in THE NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT.

They are the last Franciscan Branch to be given the stamp of PONTIFICAL since the Capuchins. These Franciscans started out as a reform (ideals of St. Maximilian) of the Conventual Franciscans and was later made Pontifical and made a independent branch of the Franciscan family.

What distinguishes them from the rest of the Franciscasn is their 4th vow, namely THE MARIAN VOW which is **canonical **and unique in the entire Church. To my understanding, there is no institute that has this Marian Vow since it is canonical.

I must add that their General, Fr. Stefano Manelli is a spiritual son of St. Pio Pietrelcina.

Just to give you a hint as to their striving for the imitation of their father St. Francis, they still preserve the practice of The Discipline which is observed every night except on Easter, Sundays, Solemnities and Feast days. They still wear sandals (Obligatory) on bare feet, except out of necessity like trekking out in the snow and work.

I hope this helps.

Here are some links to their sites.


Marian Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In Christ, through Mary,


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