Orthodox (Jewish) support for Trump is skyrocketing, survey finds

Orthodox support for Trump is skyrocketing, survey finds

The poll’s numbers put Orthodox Jews politically out of step with American Jews overall, the vast majority of whom oppose Trump and generally vote in large numbers for Democratic candidates.

A new poll shows overwhelming support for President Donald Trump among Orthodox Jews.

The poll, published Wednesday by Ami Magazine, found that 83% of Orthodox respondents plan to vote for Trump in the upcoming election, while just 13% plan to vote for Joe Biden. Those numbers represent a dramatic increase from a 2017 poll by the American Jewish Committee which found that 54% of Orthodox Jews had voted for Trump in 2016.

The Ami poll, which was conducted over the past month by an unnamed firm, also found low support among Orthodox Jews for public health restrictions due to COVID-19.

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Not surprising…Orthodox Jews are anti abortion and very concerned about religious liberty. They also tend towards not liking big government overall. Because of their history, they aren’t particularly trusting of governments anyway. Either way, they are a tiny portion of voters with little to no influence over other Jews.

Mazel Tov!

As you know, Orthodox Jews are not completely opposed to abortion in certain circumstances. Insofar as religious liberty is concerned, yes, I can see where Trump might be appealing to them, especially with regard to support for Israel. But even here, there are differences of opinion within the Orthodox Jewish community. I do agree about the distrust of big government in the Orthodox Jewish community, particularly as it relates to restrictions during the pandemic crisis.

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Yes, they are very admirable vs. the progressivism that one sees in states like New York where even infanticide is being discussed. Good that they are showing some values, it’s like Medved said, those who seem faithful, attend the Temple weekly, usually adhere to these Judeo-Christian values rather than those who say “well, I don’t care”.

Probably because Trump recognizes Jerusalem not Tel Aviv as the true capital of Israel.

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You may be right…I haven’t a clue if that matters or not to them these days. Trump has been very supportive of Israel but not always in ways that some Jews would prefer. Orthodox Jews like Traditional Catholics just tend towards conservatism.

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