Orthodox Liturgy

Three-piece questions:

Does anybody have the rubrics of the Orthodox rite of worship and/or any others which are valid, but not Roman Catholic?

Have there been studies done to compare the Liturgies of all the rites of the Western and Eastern Church?

What are your thoughts on attending valid services aside from the Catholic Church? Does Vatican II allow such attendance?


Start here: home.att.net/~sergei592/Liturgy.html

I believe the official teaching is that one is allowed to attend, but may not receive communion and may not substitute the non-Catholic service for Mass on Sunday morning (or Saturday evening) because it will not meet your obligation.

Try here. (This should be of interest to many others, as well).


Actually, there are Byzantine, Coptic and other Sui Juris Eastern Catholic Churches which are fully Catholic and in full Communion with the Holy See of St. Peter. They use exactly the same liturgies (i.e. The Divine Liturgy of St. James, St. Mark, St. John Chrysostom, etc.) as the Orthodox Churches. I attend the Ruthenian and Melkite Churches near me on occasion. They are very beautiful and ancient liturgies (St. James and St. Mark in particular).

How long does the Divine Liturgy in an Eastern Orthodox Church last, as compared to a Novus Ordo Mass? I am curious to attend one just to see what the Eastern liturgy is like and there is a Greek Orthodox Church not too far from our church. Thanks and peace.

Anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and forty five minutes.

Anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and forty five minutes.

I attend an Orthodox church. My service goes about an hour and a half with the sermon.

So, without the sermon, it about an hour and 10-15 minutes (the sermon is usually 15-20 mins long).

From what I here the Oriental Orthodox tend to have 3 hour liturgies on sundays and45 minute hour sermons.

While the Orthodox Divine Liturgy is Valid, it should not be attended unless you have some grave reason. For example it is Sunday and there are no Catholic parishes around. Or you are about to die. However I see no reason that one would attend other than these reasons.

If this situation arises, there is no requirement for a Catholic to go to church anywhere.

However, would one not want to go? If I was like in the middle of Russia and it was a Sunday I would go to an Orthodox parish. I wouldn’t receive the Eucharist, however I would still attend.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. But, the rule is if there is no Catholic Church in proximity, you don’t have to go.

But I think the Lord would appreciate the effort.

Depends on the person I guess. If it shouldn’t be attended unless you have a grave reason, and one don’t have a grave reason, I guess one wouldn’t want to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is nothing that says a Catholic shouldn’t attend an Orthodox Divine Liturgy or any other service without grave reason. You’re confusing the direction that Catholics should only recieve sacraments from a non-Catholic(won’t even go into how I hate saying that but for simplicity’s sake I will) Church with valid apostolic succession without grave reason with a non-existant directive not to attend an Orthodox Divine liturgy without grave reason. There’s no reason for a Catholic not to attend an Orthodox service unless they’re just worried they might like it too much for their own comfort. :wink: Not that an Orthodox priest is supposed to be administering the Holy Mysteries to a non-Orthodox Christian anyway.

I was jokingly referring to the above post where it was stated:

Very sorry about that, I meant to reply to the post you were referring to! :slight_smile:

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