Orthodox opinion of Our Lady of Soufanieh, Myrna Nazzour and the stigmata

So it seems these apparitions are talking about unification of the Church, Christians and Easter Date. Can anyone from the Orthodox church comment on the status of these apparitions?




Does anyone have any more information?

Interesting, I knew Fr. Robert Fox personally and. I attended his Marian Congress for many years. He gave retreats at my parish. Two of my son’s went to Fatima with him. Fr. John Hardon S.J. was his spiritual adviser. I trust his judgment. God Bless, Memaw

I am more than a little skeptical about seers and such, unless proven otherwise.

Blah… That’s my opinion.

I did not know Fr. Robert Fox personally, but I knew of him only through the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima’s magazine and his work for the World Apostolate of Fatima and later his quarterly magazine, “Fatima Family Messenger”. He was a respectable priest in good standing with the church whom I trusted to teach the Catholic Faith in a time when there was much confusion and no internet to research. Fr. Fox had written about Myrna Nazzour in his articles. Then, I read about Fr. Robert Fox’s visit to Myrna Nazzour during the time of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York. He was interviewing those involved in order to write his book, “Light From The East- Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh” which can be read online here Free e-book

Light from the East—in the Arab World

T SEEMED HARDLY coincidental that months before I
departed for Damascus, Syria, I chose September 11, 2001, to

be in flight there. I would spend time at an ideal Christian

Community of Soufanieh that has developed in the midst of Muslim land.
For the first time in 2000 years, in the Arab world, in the very area where St.
Paul the Apostle was converted and baptized, from where he went to convert
the world to be one in Jesus Christ, our Blessed Mother, the “Virgin,” has
come to manifest her presence with a special mission. Miracles have been
happening there since 1982. It is heaven’s call for love and unity.

I was urged to write a book on Soufanieh. I would not do so without

first-hand experience of the area. I needed to get to know the people direct-
ly involved. It is important for you to read the Introduction to this book by
Fr. Elias Zahlaoui, who teaches at the University in Damascus and has been
associated with the Soufanieh events from the beginning. He is presently
pastor of Our Lady of Damascus Church there, and is considered the
Catholic priest in Syria at present most reliable on Soufanieh. I needed to
interview Church authorities, both the Orthodox and Catholic. The
Nazzour family at the center of the Soufanieh supernatural phenomenon
has a Melkite-rite Catholic mother, Myrna, and Orthodox father, Nicolas…soufanieh.excerptsofinri.com/

I am always suspicious of anyone and anything claiming to be an apparition or spirit from God. I am even more suspicious when it becomes publicized. Even pious and holy people can become deluded if they drop their guard. The evil one clearly knows of our desire for Christian unity and this knowledge can be exploited to lead well-meaning people astray.

My focus is and must remain on my own struggle and on my own salvation.

Forgive me.

While I wouldn’t consider Myrna Nazzour to be in the same category, the name Vassula Ryden immediately comes to mind, but then she is in knowingly disobedient to the canons of the Church whereas to the best of my knowledge Myrna isn’t.

The video on youtube says its approved by the Greek Orthodox Church and the second link shows that the Patriarch has approved it.

And as per this Catholic website it’s approved too, though I cannot confirm on the credibility


I also do not accept every so-called “apparition” or claims of extraordinary events even when the multitudes follow them. However, I know that these things can and do happen. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical. We should always look to the church for guidance in these matters. While I have not kept up with the life of Myrna Nazzour over the years, I have wondered about her especially since hearing news about persecution of Christians in Syria lately. I do not recall hearing anything negative or questionable coming from the Church regarding Myrna Nazzour. It is my understanding that she has the support of her local religious leader.

Here is a list of testimonies, invitations, and recommendations regarding Myrna Nazzour. You may need to use Google translate or some other translation to understand what is written in some of them

Has she said anything that goes against sound doctrine?

I think I remember reading on an Orthodox forum that some think it amounts to false ecumenism…and I guess the messages have a slight pro-Catholic angle…

But perhaps we’ve reached a point in time when God really desires Christians to reunite…

Agreed - I find much of this sort of stuff to be ‘chasing after signs and wonders’.

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