Orthodox parish recommendation for Louisville


Hi folks,

I don’t know if this is quite the right pace to ask this, but I’ll ask anyway: does anyone here have a recommendation of a good, solid orthodox Catholic parish in Louisville KY? I ask because I’ve been having an e-mail exchange with an atheist who is searching for answers to life’s questions, and I think I’ve made some headway. I would like to be able to direct him to a solid parish with a great priest if the conversation continues to progress as it has.



oh…lousivlle is such an area of dissent. i lived there for several years and it was so hard to find sound theology. basically all the churches have some apsect of dissent and then there is st. martin of tours which is a very orthodox parish. they have a 24 hour adoration chapel with a security guard.


I lived in Louisville for a while, and I agree with spacecadet–there seem to be some very untraditional churches there.

I’m probably not the best authority on what is orthodox, but I always really loved the Cathedral of the Assumption. I felt that the Masses there were everything a Mass should be–the setting was solemn but very beautiful, the pews were always full, the priests always gave good talks, and the music was out of this world.

I heard that St. Martin of Tours was awesome, but I never got to go myself. Is that the one that has the remains or relics of a saint (or something like that)?


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