Orthodox passion week paskha


Today we have had vespers of Great Friday of Passion Week, for Paskha Easter on Sunday. We venerate the burial shroud of Christ placed in middle of temples from Friday to Saturday night:


Beautiful and inspiring.


Also in Moskow and such large kafedral will be special services. There the Patrtiarch has blessed Myro for mystery of myropomazanije and has ritual of washing of feet. During such ritual Patriarch washes feet of 12 Mowkow priests and then last and oldest priest tells Patriarch, like Petr, not to wash his feet, but Patriarch says as Christ then he must be cleaned, and oldest last priest replies, then wash also hands and feet.


In Holy City at the temple of the Tomb of Christ has alrerady happened the descending of the Holy fire. This is reported by NTv at this site below. :


Patriarch Kirill also has served Liturgia of Great Saturday

The pictures are truly beautiful and moving.


Beautiful. I wish my parish could celebrate with such beauty and reverence.

Thank you, beautiful pictures. What beautiful and reverent ceremonies they must have been.

Christ HAS died, Christ IS risen, CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN :slight_smile:


Today is Paskha: Joy of Feast of all Feasts:

Христос Воскресе!

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for posting.

Beautiful pictures, Happy Easter!


What is that bread in one of the pictures?


This is bread you are concerning question: Kulich in East, Paska in West of Ukraina. This is made from flour, eggs, sugar, honey, lemon, raisons and is special feast treat for Easter. Is by priest blessed and made by special family recipes with praying at each step. I have shown a receipe for tasty kulich - but in Russian

Пасхальный кулич (ПАСКА)

Приблизительное время приготовления: 180 минут

Ингредиенты, используемые в рецепте:
По-украински кулич называется ПАСКА. Пеку я её давно и ежегодно. Если кому-то пригодится подробный рецепт - буду рада.

1 литр молока или сливок,
3 стакана сахара,
300 маргарина или масла (ваш выбор)
10 яиц лучше домашних, свежих.
3-4 кг муки (не удивляйтесь такому “допуску”, мука у всех производителей разная, содержание в ней клейковины разное, тесто может забрать совершенно непредсказуемое количество муки, это определится только при замесе, поэтому лучше иметь запас муки),
1/3 чай. ложки соли,
400 гр. изюма,
можно также взять курагу или цукаты,
ваниль – 5 пакетиков (10-граммовых),
цедра 2 лимонов, 1 апельсина
4 пакетика сухих дрожжей Саф-момент. (в пакетике 11 грамм сухих дрожжей, что соответствует 60 граммам живых дрожжей
50-100 гр. раст. масла (смазывать руки и формочки).

Can translate on internet searching engine or perhaps Patchunky or Aramis has recipe in English.

Thank you!

Happy Pascha, Volodymyr and all other Orthodox posters. (I had been meaning to wish you that all day, then a little while ago I saw this thread, so there we go. :))

Great Friday”? What is this, one-up-manship?

(Kidding :D)

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