Orthodox Patriarch foresees reunion of Christian East and West [CWN]

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople has told reporters that he sees a possibility for reunion between the Orthodox and Roman churches, even if it "will probably not happen …



If this would happen it would be very good for Christian evangelization. Disunity among Christians has been one of the greatest of scandals to non-Christians who view Christianity from the outside. Unity between Rome and Protestantism has become just about impossible since Protestantism has as many doctrines as heads. The only significant hurdle between Rome and Eastern Orthodox is the Papacy which, of course, we won’t budge on since Christ gave the keys of authority to Peter alone. But if the Eastern Orthodox would reunite with us there’s always the possibility that in the future a bishop from the East could become the Pope. This can’t be possible as long as they remain split from us. Something for them to think about.

Man this is without a doubt wonderful news. God willing the unity does occur.:thumbsup:

May God grant that it be so, and soon!

I love the Greeks.We need one another.

I would love to see a holy monk of Mt. Athos become Pope!

If we don’t budge on that (and we shouldn’t), how can the two sides reunite? I would like to think that the Orthodox will change their views on the Supremacy of Peter, but forgive me for being skeptical, but i’m finding that hard to believe.

Also, I’m wondering what the Patriarch meant by seeing a “new attitude” in the Vatican and how that would restore unity:

'…the Orthodox leader said that he saw a new attitude at the Vatican, which heightened his optimism about the prospects for restoring Christian unity."

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