Orthodox Priest Cleanses His City's Downtown with Holy Water After LGBT Parade


I put this in Catholic news. But sadly it isn’t. It should be Catholic news. Why don’t we do more to challenge the culture?


Perhaps because as recent events suggest, the culture is pervasive within the Church herself? When a conservative archbishop and cardinal like O’Brien comes out and admits having sexual relationships with seminarians… hello Houston, we have a problem :confused:

Perhaps the good priest should come sprinkle holy water on our Church’s hierarchy…


After? Why not during?


It should be.
A good first step might be for righteous bishops to deal aggressively with parishes that enthusiastically support these unholy displays.


How would you suggest that gay pride parades be challenged? We live in a democracy that guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.


The Church should speak out against the events and instruct Catholics that it is wrong to participate in any way.

As for democracy, that is part of the problem.


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