Orthodox, Protestant delegates address Synod [CC]

The Vatican has released summaries of the messages from “fraternal delegates” of Orthodox and Protestant denominations to the Synod of Bishops. Among them:Romanian Orthodox Patriarch …


Why do you want responses from protestants? If you’re interested in the Apostolic teaching of the Church, that’s not the place to look. It’s more than slightly degrading that we get lumped in with them. It’s about what I’ve come to expect. It makes me question the wisdom of our prelates participating in these synod at all. We don’t need to be present, it’s as a courtesy that we are.

I don’t see any intent to insult, all I see are a number of responses from various Christian leaders.

I don’t think the article did so. In fact, it made a point of saying “Orthodox and Protestant” rather than “Non-Catholic Religions” as is often done online.

Granted, I guess it would have been even better if the article had grouped the statements accordingly – putting all statements from Eastern Orthodox first, followed by the ones from OOs, then the ones from Anglicans, and so on.

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