Orthodox Saints for Eastern Catholics

Can Eastern Catholics venerate Orthodox saints who lived post-1600?

Abbess Gavriilia. (Not that she is currently venerated as an Orthodox Saint, but one day she might be.)

Well, beloved Joh Paul the Great referred to St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. John of San Francisco by their honorifics.

Certain post-schism Slavic saints have always been in the Ruthenian and Ukrainian Menaia.

And St. Sergius of Radonezh is in the Roman Martyrology.

Does this answer your question?

Pope John Paul IInd might call Anglican ‘Bishops’ bishops, but that doesn’t make them bishops as well, it is simply being diplomatic.

My church honors St. Seraphim of Sarov on our liturgical calender. So are we just being “diplomatic” when we express our Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox faith?

I think it would be wonderful to venerate many Orthodox saints. Many of their saints led extremely holy and virtuous lives that any Christian, Catholic and Orthodox alike can learn much from. We in the west can learn much from the Eastern Orthodox.

Shin’s comment in this regard is wholly unhelpful and counter productive. I would say find a saint whose life story attracts you and perhaps you could develop a particular devotion to them much like you would for any other saint you find in the Catholic Church.


Hi guys!

I have a co-faculty and friend at the University who is an Eastern Catholic priest. He said that they are different from Orthodox. Are they really different? How are they different? Can anyone refer me to a historical site?


I’m sure many churches in these times might have priests honoring ‘saint’ Gahndi, ‘saint’ Martin Luther King Jr. and so on.

While not on the Calendar, St Herman’s Icon is on the wall at St Nichoolas, a Ruthenian Catholic parish. St. Herman was Sainted by the Russian Orthodox & OCA for his work in Alaska…

I use the prayer of all saints everyday. It names each saint and pray to them. I found that the list purposefully omits many important eastern saints. For example, there is no mention of Ignatius of antioch, Baselios, Gregorious, Theophilos, Ivanios, Dynosius, Melethios, eusebius, John Chrisosthom, Polycarpus, Euthchymus etc… I wondered why in our syro malabar church, the names of eastern saints are purposefully omitted.
Following is the list of saints mentioned in prayer to all saints other than apostles,
Stephen, Laurence, vincent, George, pavian, Sebastian, John, Paul, Kusumos, Damian, Garvasses, Protaseus, Sylvester, Ambrose, Augustine, Martin, Nicholas, Anthony, Benedict, Simon Esthana, Bernard, Dominick, Francis assisi, MAriam Magdelena, Tecla, Lukia, Agnes, Catherine, Anasthasia.

Then I’ll simply be diplomatic and refer to you as a Christian. :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s that?

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