Orthodox seminaries to donate to?

How can I find the names/addresses of ‘orthodox’ seminaries in the U.S. to donate to? I’ve heard seminaries vary widely in their adherence to church teaching.

Thank you!

Cant go wrong with the Fraternal Society of St Peter

Seminarians don’t choose what seminary they attend.

The dioceses and orders that sponsor seminarians usually just have one particular school that they send their men to.

You should be looking at the diocese or order instead of the seminary. If the order is fine, the school that they use has to be fine.

Cant go wrong with the Fraternal Society of St Peter

Maybe if you’re a indult mass goer where that society is active.

Ask your bishop!

Or, if you live in one of those monstrous dioceses where there are too many hundreds of thousands of Catholics for the Ordinary to be very much seen, then the auxiliary bishop for your district or the director of your diocese’s vocations office.

If all else fails, the Pontifical North American College can always put donations to good use.

karen marie


I VERY MUCH agree with the idea of donating to FSSP.

So many seminaries are FILLED with rot.

GOOD CATHOLICS OUGHT TO STARVE THEM – their fruit speak volumes.

For REAL, solid priests, check out FSSP.


There’s a good reason for that.

The number of orthodox seminaries is increasing–Deo gratias! i would donate to the FSSP seminary, as well as the Oblates of the Virgin Mary’s Our Lady of Grace Seminary in Boston.
The Mount St. Mary Seminary is also solid. If you go to websites of orthodox orders., like ewtn’s Franciscan Missionaries, you can learn which seminary they send their men to. I will go back and get more names if you like.
i suppose the Legionaries of Christ’s seminary in Chester NY (I think) would take $ but apparently they’ve raised hundreds of millions already.
Christendom College and Ave Maria College and Franciscan University at Steubenville have seminarians attending.Giving money directly to orders and diocese, as well as faithful, orthodox Catholic colleges, would be safe and money well-spent.
Sometimes, there are sponsor a seminarian programs connected with these institutions.

I forgot to mention that the Catholic Culture website reviews websites and by doing so, sheds light on an order’s orthodoxy.

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