Orthodox Spirituality

As I understand most of you are apart of western Christianity and though I respect your traditions I find that most western Christians don’t really understand eastern Christian spirituality. Orthodox spirituality is based on Hesychasm and our theology has been largely shaped by Palamism. As Orthodox Christians, rather than seeing death as a punishment for Adam’s sin we see it as an illness or a curse that is on all of Adam’s descendants. We believe that by fully cooperating with God we may become united with his free gift of grace and become more Godlike through the sacred mysteries of the holy Orthodox Church which Christ our Lord won for us on the cross and in his resurrection. Jesus as the perfect and blameless Son of God became incarnate not to take our place in any sort of punishment from God, but rather to participate in humanity and reverse the effects of Adam’s sin on humanity which climaxed at the cross which we believe to be the center of all world history. We do believe that even if Adam hadn’t sinned Christ would still have become incarnate to further Adam and Eve’s spiritual journey to immortality. There are many stages within spiritual development which leads to perfection, although most do not attain this in this world. It’s obviously much more complicated than this but there is a lot of Palamite terminology that I’d have to throw around to fully explain this but I hope you guys enjoy learning about this. May God bless you.


I have two questions if I may.

  1. Do you know what the Evolution church is ?
  2. If one is not an Orthodox Christian, whether he is Catholic or non -Caholic is he considered to be in spiritual darkness?
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