Archbishop Volokolamskij Ilarion, now head of the Division of External Ecclesistical Connections of the Moskow Patriarchiate has recently said:

The current Pope of Rome in his utterances does not aim always to be politically correct. Precisely therefore his utterances sometimes create a shock in western society. People are not there accustomed to the head of a Church openly speaking traditional position of the church. We view this change in the position of Catolic Church as a positive event - because in fact a hierarch of church, much less head of the largest christian church should not be accustomed to use of politically correct language. He should speak that which his church teaches.

Thank God for the man who said this. :smiley: Someone making sense in the 21st century? I almost thought it was impossible.

I like that Archbishop. I like him allot! :smiley:


Perhaps you also will enjoying Ilarion Archbioshop as Ilarion musician who composes this Passion:


I view this as a positive event too. O.o However how did we get to this… ‘not there accustomed’ point… eh?

T-chah. It’s a shame it happened.

Praise God! And may God grant the grace to all bishops (Catholic and Orthodox) to speak the truth boldly. :gopray2:

Is this his way of saying the former pope was not doing it right?:o

I think it’s his way of saying that the present one is doing it better.

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