Orthodox take on Freemasons

I know many encyclicals have been written on the Roman side of things about the evils and errors of free mason. I’ve heard that Russian Orthodox clashed a little with free masons but I was wondering what the eastern catholic and orthodox view of free masons is? Is it as intense as Roman Catholics?

Orthodox are not supposed to be Free Masons either. That doesn’t stop some people- but we have an anti-masonry stance- nonetheless. The Church of Greece made an official statement back in the 20th century against Masonry.



Have you read the reasoning behind the Church’s stance? Do you know the anti-Catholic history of the Masons?

Read up and it will make more sense.


Intense isn’t a bad thing. I have read on it actually.

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Our “take” is a “leave”…


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Catholics are hardly the only Christians to take issue with Masons.

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The Church of Greece issued a definitive rejection of Freemasonry in 1933:


One of our parishioners, a thirty something Russian woman from St. Petersburg now living with her American husband and their two three children in America was shocked that every town has a Masonic Lodge in the United States. She said that in Russia the Freemasons are only spoken of in whispers and you never see their Lodges.

Here is a detailed historical account of Orthodoxy and Freemasonry in the U.S.:

The above article notes that three jurisdictions, ROCOR, OCA and the Church of Greece have all condemned Freemasonry as incompatible with Orthodox Christianity. An Inter-Orthodox Commission meeting on Mount Athos also condemned Masonry:

“Thus, the incompatible contradiction between Christianity and Freemasonry is quite clear. […] [T]he Orthodox Catholic Church, maintaining in its integrity the treasure of Christian faith [has] proclaimed against it every time that the question of Freemasonry has been raised. Recently, the Inter-Orthodox Commission which met on Mount Athos and in which the representatives of all the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches took part, has characterized Freemasonry as a ‘false and anti-Christian system.”

May I also recommend the book “A Darkness Visible: A Christian Appraisal of Freemasonry” available from Baronius Press? The author is a former Anglican Mason turned Catholic priest who sheds light on the Anti-Christian nature of Freemasonry. He writes it to bring the Church of England to repentance, for she is the only major Christian group that has not issued a condemnation of this false religion.

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Russian Orthodox believers tend to dislike Freemasonry immensely.

Thank you so much

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Bojan also condemned freemasonry in one of his videos.

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