Orthodox Uniformity


How uniform are the beliefs and practices of the various Orthodox Churches? For example aside from language how does belief and practice differ between the Greek and Russian Orthodox?


No help? No knowledge? No interest? Pope Benedict talked in Bari Italy about working for more unity with the Orthodox Churches. I wondered if besides language and nationalistic feelings there were barriers existing between them.


About the only difference I can think of right now is the Serbian tradition of Slava, where they have a patron saint for the entire family and each successive generation falls under the protection of the same saint. Oh, another difference is that in the Russian church they have confession just prior to communion. In other jurisdictions you are expected to have been to confession recently.

Liturgical chant varies across jurisdictions. Byzantine is monophonic (with optional “ison”), Russian is polyphonic (four voices) but there is a form similiar to Byzantine, Georgian is polyphonic with more complex harmonies than Russian. Those are the only forms I have had exposure to so far.

Belief does not differ between jurisdictions. We have the same faith in Georgia as we have in Japan as we have in Bulgaria as we have in Greece as we have in Russia as we have in China as we have in…
I do not say this to boast. It is simply the truth of the matter…

Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!


Thankyou John for your answer. As I suspected in the matters of faith and doctrine things are pretty uniform. I don’t know exactly why, but as a Roman Catholic that fact is reassuring to me. God bless you and thanks. Dick

He has risen indeed!


There is some dispute right now over artificial birth control, some Orthodox bishops and churches say that it is acceptable and promote it while others condemn it entirely. Also there are slight doctrinal differences between the Eastern Orthodox (ei, Russian, Greek etc.) and the Oriental Orthodox (Coptic, Indian, Armenian etc.) which are pre-Chalcedonian churches that broke off from the church centuries before the Eastern Orthodox did.


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