Can anyone here provide for me one example of a modernized Orthodox church, song, liturgy etc. I would just like to test here how well we have kept tradition versus how well they have kept it.


I think you should try this on the non-catholic forum. There are a lot more Orthodox over there.


No I want to see if Catholics can provide the examples. So again, any music, liturgy etc,.

Really, I guess, this is just rhetorical becuase you won’t find any. Yet another way in which the Orthodox have preserved tradition better.

I believe the the Catholic church is the truth- it just makes me sad to see that the Orthodox have a more beautiful sense to their divine liturgy versus our novus ordo (I personally would say that the tridentine rite matches up in beauty). But please try and reassure me by finding examples of modernized (or, let me use the synonym for modernized- ugly) churchs, music, art, liturgy etc.



Nevertheless, this question still belongs on the non-Catholic forum. There are plenty of Catholics who post there. This is an apologetics forum.


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