If an orthodox christian wish to come into full communion with the catholic church, what should he do? RCIA, retake the sacraments or what?

No, I’m pretty sure he just needs to talk to the priest and it is a very quick procedure, we consider all of their sacraments valid.

Such a person should join the sui juris Eastern Catholic Church that corresponds to his original Orthodox Church, if at all possible. (EG, an Antiochian Orthodox joins the Melkite Church.)

This is correct.

Orthodox are accepted by Confession and Communion.

One problem I have seen with this is that the Orthodox churches do not teach anything about the Papal dogmas. The individual must have a complete understanding of what he or she is expected to affirm and they cannot be expected to just “get it” on their own. I think RCIA would be appropriate even though it is not required.

Eastern Catholics sometimes object to this idea when I bring it up, because Orthodox who convert are supposed to be ascribed into the most correspondingly close Eastern Catholic Particular church, and they see the RCIA program of instruction to have a Latinizing effect.

Yet, the individual really needs to know the correct dogma and the church (for it’s own good) should make sure that person understands it, because the church these people come from definitely rejects those teachings.

Potential converts need to receive proper instruction. However, I don’t think RCIA is the “proper instruction” for a convert from Orthodoxy.

By default, yes, but I believe that in practice he/she is usually allowed to join whichever particular church he/she wishes.

Conversely, someone who is baptized Protestant and then converts to Catholicism is, by default, enrolled in the Latin Church, but in practice is usually allowed to join whichever particular church he/she wishes.

I object to this because this is not what RCIA is supposed to be used for. RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, Rightly it is only for the unbaptized.

Those Christians who wish to enter the Catholic Church should meet with a priest and have a plan made out on what they need to learn before they are received into the Church.

Unfortunately RCIA has become a catch all.

Anyways, RCIA is just in the Latin Church. Anyone entering one of the Eastern Churches should meet with the priest and work out some sort of private education scheme before full reception into the Church.

Just curious, Peter. Why is that?


I can’t say with certainty but I’d hazard a guess that its because the various Protestant denomnations sprang from the Latin Church.

Same reason that converts from Orthodoxy are enrolled (by default) in an Eastern Catholic Church. In both cases, non-Catholic Christians are considered to “belong to” (I don’t know the technical term) a particular rite. Protestants are considered to be “Western-rite” and Orthodox are considered to be “Eastern-rite”.

(There’s nothing comparable with respect to Catholics or Protestants converting to Orthodoxy. In other words, there’s no particular expection that they will join a Western-Rite Orthodox church, due to having been “Western-rite” prior to becoming Orthodox.)

That’s what I thought. Thanks,

Please write the entire word. You do not see anyone talking about those who wish to “Cat”.

True, although I have heard the term “poping”.


P.S. A imagine a lot of people would relate it to the “ecumenism of return”.

When I decided to join the Catholic Church, I only talked to a priest. I was practicing orthodox for 15 years already, and I knew catholic doctrines very well, too. I was regularly visiting this catholic parish since 1993, so I was not a “stranger”. So I didn’t need additional catechism classes. No solemn “rites of acceptance”, too. But I didn’t feel I need them.
It was in St.Petersburg, and, by the way, I became latin rite catholic, not eastern rite.

In Moscow, orthodox people who want to become catholics, usually need to take catechism classes - similar to american RCIA, I guess. In other russian cities, it depends… if the parish provides such classes, otherwise everything is solved on individual basis.

Wrong again. :shrug:

The only innovations are the strange doctrines of schismatic Rome. :frowning:

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