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I am concerned about the pamphlet “101 Heresies of Antipope Benedict XVI.” Would anyone care to make some specific comments/refutations so I can become more confident in the Holy Father? The allegations are at romancatholicism.org/101-benedict.htm. Thank you and God bless!


Pope Benedict is the most traditional and orthodox (and I daresay the best) pontiff weve had since Pius XII.

Some of his writings brings a tear of joy to traditional eyes.


I think that we really need to see all of these supposed quotes in their context. You can take one or two sentences from anyone and make them look bad. I really wouldn’t worry too much about these charges.


I gotta wonder about someone who puts up a website without putting his/her name on it. This person simply is not taking responsibility for what is being said.

This website would earn at the most a “D” in college.



The last I knew, that website promoted Jansenism of all things.


the brothers at most holy family monestary, a sedevacantist group, have an entire video on the “heresies” of benedict XVI. I am currently reasearching the arguments of the sedevacantist movement and have come to find their beliefs very interesting.

you can find the video here:



A lot of these are pitting unauthoritative and undogmatic comments of one Pope against others.

And others are simply ludicrous. Benedict XVI going against the Councils of Trent and Vatican I? I simply don’t believe it. Do you think there’s a snowflake’s chance in heck he would’ve been elected Pope if he had made such a statement?


Both of these videos are off the wall. I would caution against anyone even watching them or at least against taking them seriously.


True, except the author, Patrick Pollock, is a non-Jansenistic sedevacantist.


Don’t trust any of these tracts. Just compare a few random quotes, and you can see that both sides will be taken out of context. It’s no different than what some protestants do when they look back at old papal bulls and local councils. There was a threat in one of the other forums about why the Catholic Church banned the bible, but what they were quoting was a ban on unauthorized vernacular translations which would like the New World Translation today. The quotes were taken out of context to imply that the Church opposed scripture all together. Next thing we know, these groups will quote the same source and say that the Pope is wrong for encouraging private scripture reading.

Oh, wait…

The Bible is readily comprehensible to all.
GAW: 155

It is heretical to say the Scriptures are for all in every age and circumstance unto understanding.
Leo XII, D.1604-1606

(The latter quote is not the one I had in mind above, but you get the point!)


Such wisdom from one so young!


Such wisdom from one so young! I am a great proponent of having an imprimatur on things to be taken into the ole noggin…once in - never out:mad:
Do we not have enough to do with our time that glorifies God rather than titillates mans curiosity?
“They will have itching ears and heap to themselves teachers according to their own lusts and desires.” scripture…
now there’s a great read!


The fact that he’s a sedevacantist should tip you off. A sedevacantist can’t not try to prove the pope is a heretic. If they didn’t think so then they would cease to be a sedevacantist.

He has an agenda and unscrupulously promotes it.


The pamphlet above reminds me much of various atheists’ lists of “contradictions in the Bible”.

The authentic Catholic Tradition has that in common with the Bible, I guess: where people want to see contradictions, they will see them.

The rest of us see two statements which only appear contradictory because they’ve been taken out of context. They are either both true but dealing with completely unrelated contexts, or both a part of a single truth which is very complex (what we call a paradox).


I would personally question if any of the quotes that are listed do not exist, or were taken grossly out of context. I’m personally wary of any “list” that provides summaries of what is said in a book, encyclical etc.


I thought it was the “101 Heresies of Antipope John Paul II.” It was when he was alive.

All they did was replace John Paul II with Benedict XVI.

This list also appears on the website of Fr. Lucien Pulvermacher who claims to be Pope Pius XIII.

Consider the source.


True, except the author, Patrick Pollock, is a non-Jansenistic sedevacantist.

The bolded part pretty much told me everything I needed to know.

Pope Benedict is the most traditional and orthodox (and I daresay the best) pontiff weve had since Pius XII.

Some of his writings brings a tear of joy to traditional eyes.


I love our Pope and I think the Lord gave us just the right man for the job.


no I don’t have a bird or hampster which has a cage that requires lining, so I have no use for this trash, peddle it elsewhere please


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