Orthodoxy or the Everlasting Man?

I dare not attempt to read both at once. Which is better? I hear Chesterton is great at giving his reader a worldview that promotes a sense of wonder and mystery, while being logically sound at the same time. Does one book accomplish this goal better than the other?

I believe Everlasting Man is more of a book targeted, (at first) towards a topic of atheism or theism. Followed by the argument Christian theism.

Orthodoxy (if I am recalling correctly) is more a topic on why a devout christianity is the only chrisitianity that makes sense.

So it may depend on where you are at or what topic at the present time is more something you’d wish to interrogate Chestertons’ thoughts on.

Both books are, of course, excellent. I recall being more struck, more in awe, of Orthodoxy.

Hope this helps some.

Orthodoxy’s my favourite. The Everlasting Man was very good, but Orthodoxy’s more readable.

I love Chesterton.

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