Hi All,

My boyfriend and I are both happily Catholic and practicing together. We share our Catholic values and love being able to worship God together, but we struggle with some differences. I was not confirmed until recently, having only really come into the Church a few years ago, and have been learning a lot through reading and talking with my priests etc. As such, there were no pre-conceived notions passed to me as a child from a parish, and I want to be very orthodox and remain loyal to the Magisterium and the Church’s teachings. My boyfriend was raised in a very non-orthodox parish (more unorthodox than most), and grew up being told that the “big picture”, not the “rules”, is what matters, and that the Church is closed-minded and patriarchal.

Anyway, since we started dating (almost a year and a half ago), he’s been trying to see the beauty in orthodoxy, and God has worked quite a bit in his heart: he’s come to decide birth control is still wrong when you are married, he now holds the fast before receiving the Eucharist, and he prays the Rosary a couple of times a week, among other things. However, he is still struggling with accepting everything because he was raised for 20 years a different way. I love him very much, but this is a struggle. If we are to get married one day, I want our children raised in a loving, very Catholic, prayer-engulfed home, and I don’t want to be the one to always be leading in the matters of Faith (I can’t wait for him to take that role!). I have a long way to grow in my relationship with God, but I’ve been letting my worry over his distract me, and I think become judgmental as well (bad).

Does anyone know any really good books about growing in love with the Faith and truly embracing it? He is moving away for almost a year soon (going to work on co-op; we are both students), and I want to get him a book to take along and read. Please pray that we will both grow in our Faith; it is much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your advice, and may God bless you,


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