OSAS, Heaven, and Purgatory

Does OSAS make biblical sense?

We know that all people are imperfect–That all men are sinners. How does that fact square with OSAS?

If no tainted thing can enter heaven, and even the OSAS believers are admittedly sinners still, how do they ever enter Heaven? They say that they are saved but remain sinners, so it’s clear that, even to them, God’s perfect sacrifice on the cross doesn’t make us perfect.

OSAS believers say that they are sinners and acknowledge that unclean things don’t belong in Heaven. Without purgatory (a state of being cleaned) how do these OSAS sinners enter heaven?

God’s sacrifice makes salvation possible, but it clearly doesn’t make us perfect and worthy of salvation. All are still sinners, even the OSAS.

Can anyone explain, then, how a OSAS sinner (which means all OSAS believers) enter heaven without being cleansed? We know that God forgives sins while we are alive and able to repent. But what about those sins that we commit and don’t confess before we die? Anyone can be mean to a store clerk and get hit by a bus on the way to his car. No confession. No repentance. In fact, he was probably still angry with the clerk and still felt justified in his sin.

And what of all the little sins someone doesn’t confess? In fact, he forgets about them. Sins of omission. Sins against family members when they feel justified because of something the other person did. There are many, many sins, I think, that people don’t think about–especially the sins of omission.

Can someone explain how a OSAS believer explains how sinners who die without confessing their sins enter Heaven without a being cleansed in purgatory?

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