OSAS question


If one believes in OSAS, how does that relate to babies who die?

If they go to heaven, doesn’t that mean that everybody is saved as a baby, and therefore according to OSAS, everybody is saved?

If they go to hell, what does that say about the mercy of God?

So OSAS people, how do babies fit into the theory?


If I may add to the question…

What about children and young adults that have obtained the age of reason but have not been “saved” or said the sinners prayer in front of their ecumenical gathering, where do they go if they die before their faith is declared?


Hi Vocimike,

I have asked tjhe question several times from Protestants, and I have never been able to understand the explanations given. I think I understand, then a few days later I realize I don’t. The thing seems pretty emotional. If you “feel” saved, it seems that you are.

Thank God for the sacraments. With baptism we are effectively and without doubt saved. If we stray from God’s friendship, he does not stray from us. If we repent and confess, we KNOW we are back on the path to salvation.



I firmly believe in OSAS, but, not the way some protestors think. You are not “saved” until God says you’re “saved”. Being “saved” isn’t something I can declare of myself. No one is “saved” until their earthly life is over, when they stand before God and are judged and GOD says they are saved. Yes, once God declares a person saved I believe the person is “Always Saved”. So once you die an earthly death, you stand before God and are judged and declared “saved” by God, OSAS is true, but not before.


Second question…

If you are “saved for all time” here on earth as espoused by OSAS…

Then that means you were Judged while still alive

Where does the bible say you are judged while still alive??


Wow, these forums are tough for the unitiated. I looked up OSAS and got hits for open systems, horse adoption, and snore guards.

In fairness, there was one site that was about “Once Saved, Always Saved.” :slight_smile:


I repeated your experiment and got the same results. But by adding any of the words “catholic”, “christian”, “faith” or “belief” to the search the non-religious hits were weeded out. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.


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