Oscar Awards

I haven’t watched these in years. Since my wife and I have a subscription to Netflix now and have seen most of the movies we were excited for the first time in a long long time to watch the Oscars. Right away the movie Elizabeth and the Golden Compass won Oscars and I remembered why I have no patience for Hollywood. What a dissappointment. We turned it off shortly after it began.

I only watch if there is a movie that I am “rooting” for in the running. Last time was when the Lord of the Rings series was nominated… . Wish I had been there back in the day when most of my favorite movies were in the running.

You didn’t miss much.

My wife had it on and I was sitting there reading, glancing up now and then. I was disappointed when I heard the Golden Compass win. I was also a bit disappointed in the numerous references thanking “my partner” or that woman who dedicated it to some woman who fought for safe-sex rights. :frowning:

Elizabeth’s Oscar was for costume design, Golden Compass for visual effects. These are minor catagories thatare for a specific aspect of a film. They may have been the best in these catagories(although I doubt it for GC). In any event I could care less who won.

I actually liked both Elizabeth movies. I thought they were very well acted. Probably not historically true, but enjoyable nontheless. I wish Kate Blanchett had won for it.
I actually liked this years Oscars. I’ve seen most of the movies nominated, and enjoyed them.

Juno won for best adapted screen play.(or something similar)

I’m disappinted that Katyn didn’t win for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. Typical. It wasn’t a Polish movie about the Jews so Jews in Hollywood would never let it win.

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