Oscar nominees

How the heck did BB get 13?

On the plus side Slumdog got 10, and Milk got 8.

And the wrestler not be nominated for best pic=epic fail

The only thing that could save this year’s Oscars from being totally terrible is if Dark Knight sweeps all 8 categories it is up for. :slight_smile:

As for all those other movies, :yawn:

Not that I have a strong opinion on the matter. :wink:

I didn’t particularly care for Dark Knight - but that is probably because it’s just my my type of movie. :shrug:

I haven’t seen Milk so no comment on that one. I had heard that Button wasn’t that good??? Anyone else NOT crazy about this movie? I was suprised it got nominated so many times?

LOVED Doubt and hope the best supporting actress is the young Nun.

Want to see Slumdog - although now that I think about it, the same person who didn’t like Button said Slumdog was HORRID. So maybe it’s just her… ?

As usual I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture. Or should I say none of the movies that I saw and enjoyed are up for Best Picture.

I see Defiance is up for Best Score…hope it wins, because it was good. That and all the stuff The Dark Knight is up for because those were probably the best movies of all the ones that are on the nominee list and neither are nominated for Best Picture.

I’m not surprised at all that *Benjamin Button *managed to grab that many Oscar noms.

I felt Brad Pitt and *The Assassination of Jesse James… *was robbed of so many awards a couple years ago.

I will be pretty interested in seeing who wins best actor, as I think both Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn were great.

I was also pleased to see Viola Davis on the list of nominees for best supporting actress, as though her part in Doubt was small, I thought she was excellent.

I doubt I’ll watch the Oscars. I don’t care enough about them to bring myself around to the TV. I’ll just watch the snip-its I do care for later that night on YouTube. :smiley:

The only film on this entire list I have seen is WALL·E (and of course the Presto short that aired with it). I thought that was a terrific film and kind of hoped it might break out of the Animation Age Ghetto and become the second animated film ever to be nominated for Best Picture.

Ah well! I think winning Best Animated Feature is a given. It better win for sound mixing or editing, though. After watching some behind-the-scenes features about the creation of the all the sound effects (and most of the voices, for that matter), all I can say is that Ben “Star Wars” Burtt is the master of his craft.

I heard that Heath Ledger was also fabulous, whether or not you like the rest of The Dark Knight, so I’m rooting for him, too.

There’s something about Sean Penn - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poor performance from him. Particularly loved Dead Man Walking and I Am Sam

There’s something about Sean Penn- that just makes me want to puke!

Except for his role as Spicoli in* Fast Times at Ridgemont High*, I would have to agree.
"Learning about Cuba and having some food!*

He isn’t very good in All The Kings men

See milk, I am sam, or mystic river, and if you have any respect for any actors, you’ll have respect for him after you’ve seen any of those movies.

He’s fantastic, one of the best actors in hollywood(after hoffman and eckhart IMO)

Oh, it has nothing to do with his acting. I think he’s a great actor, just don’t like him or his thinking.

Oh, I see.

His thinking has always been a plus for me

I don’t know if I’d phrase it quite like that, but there always has been something about Sean Penn that just gives me the willies. I have seen him in “Dead Man Walking” and “I Am Sam” (and “Friends” and probably a few other things). Something about him just grates on me and I’m not sure why. :shrug:

Yep, it all went down from there. From high school clown to anti-American radical.

Yep, Amy Adams is up for the award but so is the mother of the African American student

Never saw that one makes a note to avoid in future

Exactly same here - I suspect I WOULDN’T like *Milk *if I saw it because it’s overtly radically political, although his performance would probably be good.

So I should amend my statement to ‘there’s something about Sean Penn’s acting’.

Even if you don’t agree with what the movie is about(for those who don’t know, it’s about Harvey milk, the first openly gay man elected to major office) I still suggest seeing it, the acting and writing are both top notch, not to mention it nailed the 1970’s vibe.

Not to mention funny at times, “My name is Harvey Milk and i’m here to recruit you!” made me laugh out loud like a crazy person.

Yeah, she was good too - but her part was so minor. I hope Amy wins.

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