Oscars hit by absence of hollywood


I watched some of it but was annoyed by the gay agenda pushing. I, as a strait man, have no intrest what so ever in stories about gay people or of any alternative life style people. I don’t hate or even dislike them but find rants about how we need federally protected marriage rights for gays to be unintresting.

I left the room when Sean Penn started on that rant, and then I came back later to see which movie won for the year. I really don’t like his politics but had a feeling he’d win and then do what he always seems to do: make it really hard to like him, which is what he said about himself just before his speech on gay rights. :shrug:

This has been going on for several years. In fact I think it’s directly responsible for the drop in television ratings for the Oscars and I think it will be responsible for an even further drop this year. For the past several years(In my count since “Gladiator”, the last major blockbuster to win the Best picture award…) the Academy has seen fit to -present a show that is so rabidly anti-Republican and all that the republican party stands for that it’s a wonder the show still has any credibility.

I mean Jon Stewart was the best Host ever, Hugh did a good job this year and all the other aspects are up to par(the cut down running time is succeeding)… but when they let the Winners and even presenters get up and push that anti-republican(including anti-God, take a look at the Documentary Presenter’s introduction) political POV, it alienates a large wack of it’s potential audience. There needs to be a rule that cuts this down… funny enough the Awards need more censorship to suceed with the Ratings.

I liked it. I thought Penn said some things that needed to be said.
But for that award I was really hoping for it to go to Richard Jenkins, but I knew it wouldn’t.

+1 for Richard Jenkins, but I also thought Penn had a strong performance.

I was personally upset that Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Wrestler” wasn’t even nominated, in a field with three nominees!

“LOTR: Return of the King” won Best Picture in 2003. But, yeah, Gladiator and ROTK are the only two blockbusters to win Best Picture in the last 10 years. This year, the Dark Knight made more money than all 5 Best Picture nominations combined in just the first 4 days of it’s release. Go figure!

My wife and I recorded the Awards on our DVR so we could skip past all the acceptance speeches and just see who won. Much less stressful. :slight_smile:

Are you suggesting that these awards ought to be handed out based on financial success? Are you suggesting that artistic merit and financial success are the same thing?


My wife turned it on and I walked in the room and saw maybe 2 minutes before some dude attached to ‘Milk’ (or something like that) won and proceeded to go on about gay rights.

If it were up to me, I would’ve turned it off but my wife wanted to watch - so I went upstairs.

I didn’t want slumdog to win but I was very pleased that Penn won for Milk

You are probably referring to Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of Milk, who is a gay man himself. Interestingly enough, he is also one of the writers on “Big Love,” which I understand some members of the forum follow.

I thought Hugh Jackman’s opening dance number was hilarious. I was thrilled that Slumdog Millionaire did as well it did, because that was a great movie. Very unique, too.

I was hoping for Mickey Rourke to win Best Actor, but I can’t begrudge Sean Penn, who was excellent in Milk, and he made the classy move of mentioning Rourke in his acceptance speech.

I thought this set of Oscars was better than most, actually.

As I would gladly watch Hugh Jackman read the phonebook, I thought this was the best Oscar show EVER, but that may be my prejudice showing. Jackman is multi-talented, self-deprecating, likeable and a real family man…not to mention simply gorgeous.

I also loved the Ben Stiller take-off on Joaquin Phoenix, who has either gone around the bend or is having quite a good laugh.

I was really turned off, though completely unsurprised, at the usual pro-gay marriage rants. I did notice, however, when some winner made a decidedly anti-God and religion remark NO ONE applauded.

I missed that last bit. Was it during the documentaries, because that was the one part I missed?

While I personally could have done without all the Milk - I think that from a visual production and musical perspective this was the best Oscars I’ve ever seen. I LOVED the 1930’s theme throughout, it was classy and very well done.

A shame some had to use it as their liberal political soap box, but what else can we expect I suppose. :rolleyes:


Not at all. I was just pointing out an interesting factoid.

While I don’t love seeing the Oscars get politicized, the anti-gay protesters invited such backlash. If Milk is a good movie, it deserves recognition no matter the topic. It was a true story - should we pretend Harvey Milk never existed? We allow movies about Nazis and other horrible things if they’re well told - but a movie about a successful gay man is horribly offensive? The people who waste their time protesting a movie should go volunteer at some family counseling center or something if they’re so concerned about preserving the traditional family - tht’s something constructive. Where’s all the complaints about Brad and Angelina’s unwed parenting of 6 kids?

I’m much more put off by the Nazi-apologist The Reader getting nods from the Academy than I am about any of the attention paid to Milk. I guess the only real comfort is that pretty much no one has seen hardly any of the nominated movies.

– Mark L. Chance.

It is when it includes scenes of two men making out. Sorry - can’t support that.


Movies have couples making out ALL the time

I can beat that. I just wait to read the newspaper in the morning and do something more worthwhile while the Oscars drones on interminably.

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