In 2002 an ossuary was found with the inscription, Jame, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus. I know there was controversy at the time about whose remains this ossuary contained. Anyone know if if was settled definitively and rejected as a connection to Jesus or not?

Also, if it is connected to THE Jesus, wha about he wording “brother?” We’ve been posting a lot about the perpetual virginity of Mary. Did the people of those days inscribe “brother” or “sister” on ossuaries when the deceased was a cousin or step-brother of another named relative?


It wouldn’t be extremely earth-shattering if it was. The name “Jesus” is a rendering of the Hebrew/Aramaic “Yeshua,” wish can also be rendered as Joshua: A common name now and then. “Yeshua” is translated into Greek as “Iesous,” from where the Latin “Iesus” and the English “Jesus” comes from.

In the Addendum where it says “Mary sister…” Is that saying The Virgin Mary had a sister by the same name?:confused:

Actually, according to the New Testament, Mary, Mother of Jesus, was accompanied to the Crucifixion by her sister, also named “Mary”. The names in Hebrew were variously, “Mariam”, “Miriam” and “Maryam”. Girls weren’t as valued normally as sons, so it wasn’t uncommon for two sisters to have the same name. It also sometimes occurred that boys in a larger family to have two brothers named “James” or “Joseph” or “Joshua”. Sometimes pronounced differently, or with a diminutive added, such as “Little James” and “Big James” or variously as “James” and James the Lesser" (meaning younger).

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