OSU President Apologizes For Notre Dame Jab: ‘Those Damn Catholics’


Hard to believe that such bigotry exists at such high levels of educational administration. Of course, it has been said that Catholics are the last group that it is socially acceptable to make fun of. Unbelievable.

I think you mean first. Every mother’s child seems to love making fun of Catholics. But just wait till somebody makes a joke about Muslims, then suddenly everybody starts playing the hero fighting against religious bigotry. :rolleyes:

I concur.

I would be willing to kill for my GOD ;), indescriminantly even (perhaps), I don’t think I’d even hold-out for 72 virgins.

My GOD hasn’t asked me for that, though. :shrug:

GOD help everyone else if I just get plain old tired of waiting.:D;):D;):D;)


kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up, kidding, lighten-up,

Tell that to the next radical Muslim that gets offended!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

I think he means that out of all the groups that have been marginalized in the past, Catholics will always continue to be marginalized, even as many other groups are emancipated from it.

Gays for instance.:shrug:


He hurt my feelings twice. Not only did he talk bad about “those damn Catholics,” but he also said that the SEC can’t read or write.


Somethings just shouldn’t be said. Bless his heart.

:bigyikes: :hmmm: :knight2: :slapfight: :stretcher: :crutches: :blackeye:

Don’t forget this one–>:mad:

I’m an ND '80 alum.

I am more offended by:
– the wrongful death of Declan Sullivan,
– the abortion platform given to President Obama
– the vagina monologues presented on campus
– some other things I can’t remember now (but still offended:confused:)

than I am by these silly statements from OSU’s President.

I knew Fr. Ned and he was one TOUGH cookie AND a good priest.

It’s hard to believe that people can say these things about us. I guess it’s because we refuse to change our doctrine to match the government’s views on things like abortion. :confused:
(Personally, I think it’s good that we wont bend to their will. We need to stand up for our beliefs.)

And of course, there’s nothing a Catholic likes better than to poke of bit of fun at those silly Mormons. :thumbsup:

Gee is an extremely intelligent, charismatic guy who typically represents the university very well. I’m beyond surprised that such stupidity came pouring out of his mouth. Just goes to show that we’re all capable of acting the fool when our guard is down.

If you think that is outrageous you should see the expenses he charges to the University in addition to his $1.9 million salary. He’s charged $7.7 million in expenses to the University over the last five years including $64,000 for bow ties. :rolleyes:

E. Gordon Gee is a Mormon.

I only point this out because Mormons, like Catholics, are often the brunt of disparaging “humor.” If he presumably wouldn’t like such remarks hurled at the LDS then you would think he would have enough sense not to make the same faux pas.

What I find most offensive is the way that higher education has become a parody of its former self.

Abortion shouldn’t be just a Catholic issue. It’s unfortunate it is seen as one.

Did you say Mormon or MORON? Lol.

My father, now retired, is a former college professor. He listened to Gee give a presentation at a conference once. Dad described him as “the dumbest smart man he’d ever met.”

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