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Does anyone know of any good parishes? We recently moved into the “snow belt” from Madison Co. where we attended a very strict, orthodox parish. So far up here, we haven’t had much luck. (*Maybe *St. Mary’s in Oswego, but the priest is away so it’s hard to say how it usually is…) Any other Northern New Yorkers here?


I’m sorry that I can’t give you a recomendation for a church in Oswego, but I am from Madison County. It is good to hear from someone who lived there. I grew up in Canastota, and have been very impressed by our little parish, St. Agatha’s, every time I go home for a visit. What parish did you belong to?


I’ve heard good things about St. Agatha’s, but I’ve never been there. My FIL who’s a “church hopper” likes it. DH and I were members at St. Joseph’s in Oneida. Good to see another native Central New Yorker here! :slight_smile:


I Oswego! Onondaga here! I can’t tell you specifics about any parish up there. In case you don’t have it, here is the website for the Diocese of Syracuse’s Parish listing for your county: syracusediocese.org/index.asp?path=Parishes&action=view&id=7

If you click on each parish, you’ll get the basic info (pastor, mass and confession times etc.) If the church has a website, there will be a link to it as well. When I’m travelling, I use this info to make my best guess about what Church to go to (which has most confession times, what things the website focuses on…).


Thanks, I’m definitely a fan of the diocesan website! When we were first married, I think we visited nearly every parish in our county before finding St. Joes!

We have the added (perhaps) disadvantage that my DH is a pipe organ builder/organist and “snob.” So we’re not only looking for a good, orthodox parish, but one with a nice organ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do you attend, ThyKingdomCome? We wouldn’t mind going down to the Syracuse area, especially since DH is looking for a church job closer to home. (He still plays in Oneida.) We visited the Basilica a few weeks ago when one the EWTN priests was visiting. Boy, I love that place!


No, but I know a good pediatrician!


Hey, I’m looking for one of those too! The local priest/firefighter said there were NONE and another FF said he took his kids all the way down to Syracuse! :eek:


Dr. Bob Morgan! Gosh, maybe he is Family Practice. He has four of his own and I can vouch for his character. I think you’ll like him.

Some scenes from beautiful New York State:


… …








Thanks for the recommendation! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous pictures of New York! Wouldn’t live anywhere else! I’m a New Yorker through and through. :smiley:


I am from the rural area to the northwest of Syracuse, which is nearly in Oswego County! Unfortunately I don’t know much about other churches there. If there’s nothing suitable in your area, you might try St. Mary’s in the village of Baldwinsville. They’ve been through a few pastors since the last time I was there (1993 or so), so I don’t know how things are.

Drop me a line privately if you want to chat more about the area…

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