OT revealed in the New

I know what Catholics believe, But also curious how Protestants view this.

Which statement is most accurate

  1. Old revealed in the New: Almost all Old Laws have some Counterpart in the new.

  2. Old revealed in the new: Really only pertains to Christ

  3. OId only used to build up to Christ, however, still very important

  4. Old is important, But All I really need is the NT

I think Jerimiah 31:31 says it all, where it speaks of God promising a new covenant. Clearly the Church is the new covenant, offering us with a way to connect with a commune with God each other. The law was given in the OT to the chosen people of Israel and they are bound by that law - it is God’s promise to them. For us, the true meaning and essence of the law is revealed in Christ - which is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and love each other. Its like the difference between perfect and inperfect contrition - if we confess out of fear of God’s judgement we are forgiven but imperfectly because our heart is now in the right place per the new covenant, but if it is the love of God manifest in us that draws us to repent of our faults - our contrition is perfect in His eyes. As a Catholic who attended protestant churches for many years (so it has influenced my thought somewhat), this is how I understand it. I use the word understand, because I am always open to correction and learning.

Interesting results so far… Keep the voting coming… I want to see what everyone thinks

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