OT Saints


Two questions.

I’m sure I’m not alone but why don’t I ever hear the invocation of OT saints i.e. 'Moses, pray for us".

Why aren’t OT prophets referred to as saints i.e. Saint Moses


Actually they are, but more so in the Eastern tradition of the Church than in the Latin Rite. It’s just not as common.

Even so, you do occasionally run across it: here in Phoenix, for example, we have a parish under the patronage of St. Daniel the Prophet.


The Catholic church does acknowledge that everyone who lived before Jesus was in Absalom Bosom. These souls waited for Jesus to come and take them to heaven once he died.


As Fidelis said, it’s more common in the Eastern Rite as I understand. As well, here is an informative article originally from Zenit that discusses Eastern feast days for OT saints. I want to say there’s also a feast day for the OT prophets collectively even in the Western Rite, but I could not find the date after a quick search. Maybe someone else knows if I’m correct. See also Jimmy Akin’s article on the subject and also note the comments below the article.


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