Other Christian Online groups: Why Ban Catholicism?

Why do other Christian online groups often (not always) ban topics about Catholicism, and some even ban professing members of the Catholic Church from joining?

I know they have the freedom to do whatever they please. But why Catholics?

I think it is against the CAF rules for people to post other websites, but if it isn’t, I would like to know about other Christian websites that allow Catholics and Catholic topics. (Singinbeauty, a member of CAF, has such a website.)

Again, if this is against the CAF rules, please delete this paragraph. There is a website called www.inallthingslove.net that supposedly allows Catholics and Catholic topics, but I’ve not posted there in months. It is a very politically and morally liberal website. Several of the members are outright atheists who blast Christ, the Church, the Bible, and anything “religious,” which is hard for me to take. There is also a very vocal homosexual activist crowd on that site who get very upset at even a hint that homosexual sex is a sin. If you are really intellectual and have a solid background in philosophy, specifically humanist philosophy, you would probably enjoy this site and enjoy the debates that occur there, and possibly do a lot of good in defending the Catholic Church.

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