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The other day, having been frustrated with Fundamentalists posting on CAF, attempting to draw Catholics away from the Church, I decided to join a Fundametalist board, with no other goal than to address misconceptions thay may hold about Holy Mother Church. To my dismay, I was refused membership in their forums! Why? I don’t know. They won’t tell me. All I have to say is this. If your faith is such that that you cannot allow dissenting voices to be heard, it spekas loudly. It tells people that your faith is on shaky ground, verily, it is “a house built on sand”! I’m not expecting this thread to go anywhere, and I am not really expecting much in the way of comment. I Just needed to get it off of my chest.

Anti-Catholicism is as alive as swine flu, isn’t it? :frowning:

I would rather be where I am welcome, than barging onto someone else’s turf.

Just pray for them, and assume that those who come here, really, deep inside, want to know more. :grouphug:

Perhaps your reputation preceded you. You could try registering under a different name, but they seem to have already made clear that dissent is not tolerated in their forums.

You would think a fundamentalist forum would want all the Catholics they could get to join. I mean what better “witness” group than us apostate/Mary Worshiping/Pope loving/Pagan Catholics could there be? :smiley:

God bless

I find it ironic that these people would create a site on a CATHOLIC forum and yet not allow entrance to Catholics. I think they need their own site.

As soon a I typed that it sounded rather uncharitable and I really didn’t mean to sound that way. However I would never allow the neighbor kids to come into our yard to play if they were going to exclude my own children.

Perhaps “CatholicApologist” was the wrong handle to choose?

Yes. You definitely were not subtle with that one. :thumbsup:

God bless

The point is, my intent was to adress misconceptions. I would be thrilled if some of them would convert, of course, but the primary goal was to just show that Catholics are actually Christian! I was thinking about something Archpishop Fulton Sheen said about that there were not many people that hated the Catholic Church, but that there were many who hated what they thought the Catholic Church was.

Some of those forums are just soundboards for them to agree with each other. They’re not really there for debate. In fact, their rules discourage it. I had to register on one so I could see a particular subforum that guests couldn’t see. (There was a flareup between here and there and I was spectatin’…I wasn’t dishonest) I don’t post, but I do read some. I think I’d be gone after about 2 posts.

I have to say that the pace is slower on those smaller ones. They really don’t disagree with each other. As soon as they figure out that you aren’t “one of them”, you’re gone.

I mostly try to stick around here where I can get a healthy dose of Romish Popery. :smiley:

Let those Fundamentalists posting on CAF (and I know to whom you refer) be, and don’t worry about them attempting to draw Catholics away from the Church, we’ll be there to stop them. Just trust God and pray (you never know what good can arise from this).

I completely agree. I love having Protestants participate on this forum, and I hope that Protestants forums welcome Catholic participation.


[size=1]I have no problem at all with any religious denomination
wishing to have a forum wherein the members of that
religious group exchange thoughts among themselves.

Christianity is a proslytizing faith, but sometimes one needs
a rest from apologetics and evangelical work.

This is one reason I so appreciate Judaic thought.
Not at all a proslytizing faith, and one is not
asked to convert - because God grants salvation
to the righteous of all nations - who will have a home in
the World to Come.


reen12 :tiphat:


Some forums won’t allow anyone to join who does not share their beliefs; some are much stricter in their requirements of would-be members than others are. ntrmin.org does this - carm.org does not. Although this kind of requirement affects Catholics in practice, I don’t think it is principle intended to affect Catholics rather than anyone else; it’s a means of ensuring doctrinal purity, and shutting out anyone who might endanger that purity. Censorship like this can be a bore, but the Church practices its own forms of censorship - it’s a habit with a long history. :slight_smile:

I see that you are “frustrated with Fundamentalists posting on CAF, attempting to draw Catholics away from the Church.” But then you are dismayed about other forums in which people also have frustrations with those like you who come online attempting to draw people away from what they believe. Do you want dissenting voices to be heard or don’t you? Does a forum have to allow dissenting voices? I don’t think it does. It is certainly nice when there is a section, at least, where the dissenting voices can be expressed, but it is usually just one section for that. That way the dissenters do not disrupt the conversations of the people who want to get into nitpicky theological discussions strictly within their own faith tradition. I mean, even CAF does it that way. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a forum that wants to keep a “fellowship of like minds” context to their forum, and doesn’t desire to have the possible arguementation of a “dissenting voices” section. If you tried joining one of those types of forums just so you could “argue” your position, it’s no wonder you were refused membership. It has nothing at all to do with their faith being on shaky ground, but with the focus that they wish their forum to have.

They do have sections for general discussion and other topics, don’t they?

Usually they do, but if their focus is a “fellowship of like minds” context, they would not appreciate someone bringing a theological disagreement to those general discussion threads.
The fundamentalist forum at which I am a member makes this statement: We are a site for fundamentalists. If you do not consider yourself a biblical, Christian, fundamentalist, then this site is not for you. Curtis Lee Laws coined the term “fundamentalist” in 1920 when he said, “We suggest that those who still cling to the great fundamentals and who mean to do battle royal for the fundamentals shall be called 'Fundamentalists’.” Others are definitely welcome to observe, but we desire that our active members be self-identified fundamentalists.
There is nothing wrong with having a forum dedicated to serving a particular group of people.

I visited a ‘couple’ of Fundamentalist forums, after reading all previous postings on this thread. I am not sure, what I actually read. The postings that I read, did not make much sense to me, as a Christian. In fact, I found them to be useless…devoid of any meaningful ‘wisdom’. Maybe I visited the wrong sites? :slight_smile:

There are a number of Protestant fora out there which welcome debate. Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter such a forum dominated by Fundamentalists- and they’re the most fun to debate :frowning: :smiley:

I agree %100 with CW Betts. I too am distressed by all of the Non-Catholics who use the board as a platform to preach Catholics away from their faith.

Is not the real purpose of this board to enable dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholics, and not just to be a proselityzing platform.

I think some of the LDS and Evangelicals are the very worst in this regard, they have to intention of dialog, just converting us.:frowning:

And I think it is very sad for the same people who come here to prosilityse us to ban our presence on thier own boards.

“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”:slight_smile:

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