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It’s a synchronized skating board.

If you want to get in on the abortion discussion/debate, please go there soon and join! The discussion is in the Off-Topic section, along with a lovely thread about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Please come and help me defend the unborn! I’m “fan”, BTW. (The one with the revolving fan.) I would really appreciate the extra input, although I know if a lot of new people join and just talk about prolife, it will look really suspicious for me! That’s OK; I’ve been on Synchroboards since 2001, so I’m considered a veteran of the Board. But maybe you could get in on some of the other discussions about skating, too, just so you don’t look like a troll.

Synchroboards forum is heavily and carefully moderated by very diligent mods who are constantly on duty. (Skaters get up earlier than the crack of dawn!) People get censured, threads get deleted or locked, and people get banned. It’s actually very nice and safe and I greatly appreciate the work that the mods do. After all, many young children and teenagers visit Synchroboards and we don’t want to cause them any hurt.

I know I can trust all of you!

And while you’re there, check out all the threads about synchronized skating. There are pictures, discussions, etc. Also ads for the Jazzicals novels, which I wrote and which have a decidedly “Catholic” bent.


I have not posted on some of these for a while but here goes:

  1. Catholic Exchange is a Catholic news portal that has it’s own connected forums as well as email.
  2. Dappled Things is a Catholic young adult art and literary magazine that is currently online but is in the process of attempting to print an upcoming issue. It’s focus tends to be Catholic art and literature.
  3. Tsubasacon is a local anime convention that has it’s own online forums.
    4.Fanstory is a writer’s forum which is great in theory but you have to pay to make really good use of the site so I lost interest in it.


I guess I am the oddball in that the only other forum I post on is a protestant forum. I thoroughly enjoy it, having been raised Baptist. Like all our separated brethren, they a great bunch and when they limit catholicism to one forum, they back it up by also putting the squelch on anti-catholicism.


I’m a big poster at www.diaperswappers.com. Most political and religious threads don’t get too much attention anymore because mods will step in when people start the personal attacks.

I highly recommend to stay away from www.christianmomsforum.com. I personally know the mods and they’re anti-Catholic. In order to post in the hot topics forum, you have to make a declaration of faith and it’s very protastant. I’ve tried to be on that site but even the “known Catholics” will post falsehoods. I’ve since learned that they are luke warm at best, most fallen away.

otherwise, I’m not a board surfer… I’ll only go between diaperswappers and here. :thumbsup:


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