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How would one talk to people with other religions? the Polythist and the whatever-theist. They already beleive in a(n) god(s) so saying, "Well there is a God because…"and all the reasons because they will say, “yeah we know. We worship he/she/it/them”. How would we be able to show that our God is the one true God? (which also would be good for aithiest). Any ideas? Thanks for any help ya’ll can give me and God bless.

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I am an “other theist”. Here is my suggestion. If you want to share your faith, do just that, share YOUR faith. Talk about your experience of your faith. Your relationship to God, the joy and grace you receive in the sacraments, and your faith journey.

Stick with what you are an expert on. I have found myself much more open, interested and questioning of other faiths when I hear, see and experience the influence they have on a real person.

Don’t talk about the other person’s faith. Let them do that. If they open up, go ahead and ask questions. But don’t go into the conversation assuming you are an expert on their faith and how it is to be a person of their faith.

You will get much farther by showing your faith is right, than by trying to prove their faith is wrong. They have no need to get defensive and shut down or be threatened by your story of your own experience, they can hear it and evaluate it for themselves.



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