Other religions at a Catholic University?


On the website for Catholic University of America they have the facilities of other religions (Islam, Buddhism, etc.) listed. Is this moral? I understand they are trying to be welcoming to other faiths, but why would they post where to go find them? If it is okay, why?


Do you think that they should pretend that other religions do not exist? Or that they should discourage non-Catholics from practicing their religions?


In this instance, I can’t see that providing this information equals condoning the practice of the other religions. CUA attracts students of many faiths, and it’s located in an area where many faiths are practiced.

As a Protestant, I attended–and graduated from–a Catholic university, Duquesne University In Pittsburgh, PA. Because I was not a Catholic at the time, and was not in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I was not required to take any religion courses during my four years there. I graduated in 1984, so I’m stretching my memory a bit :wink: , but I seem to remember there being a few student organizations for students who practiced other faiths.


Keep in mind there is only one true religion, the others are false and man-made.


I see no problem with it. It certainly beats banning people due to having another faith. It is not something I would even worry about.


And many in each religion believe their own to be the true one. As Catholic we respect their freedom to believe that.


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