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I just went on a very long road trip with a friend of mine whom i discovered is a scientology follower. I know a little about some of their concepts and have experienced some of them through some seminars i did years ago. There is much truth and some incredible peace and serenity gained by becoming clear. It is very real.

Of course the seminars that i did had no spiritual component at all, they were more geared toward effective thinking. I also attended them before coming back to the church.

Well anyway, we ended up talking about all sorts of religions. And the question comes up…

how is it that so many learned people can follow their respective christian or other religions with all their hearts and minds and to have a personal relationship with Christ or who ever and have deep peace as evidenced by their eyes, gestures, maneurisms and behaviour, but be following wrong gods.

How can protestants recieve blessings if they are in a false church of christ?

They aren’t in a false church, they just, due to whatever reason, are no longer fully within the Church of Chirst.

It would be like someone who is to inherit the entire fortune of the Smith family. He decides he doesn’t like his family and changes his last name from Smith to Jones and then ends all communication with his family. Because he was born a Smith, he is still a Smith even if he wants to call himself a Jones. Due to his actions, he may have forfeited his inheritance, but in spite of his actions his family still loves him so it may be possible he will inherit some. The ONLY way he will ever be able to inherit the entire family fortune is to admit he’s a Smith, change his name back to Smith, and rejoin his family.

[quote=santaro75]IHow can protestants recieve blessings if they are in a false church of christ?

God doesn’t give up on people. God still blesses us even when we gravely sin. Heresy is just another sin–and for many protestants who remain outside the Truth through no fault of their own, it wouldn’t even be mortal sin.

As for the deep peace, it depends. Some, it’s all an act. Some are dceiving themselves. There’s all sorts of reasons.

I think somewhere in Ecclesiastes, perhaps, it is written that God sends rain upon the just and the unjust.

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