"Othercott" Golden Compass

Fro anyone searching through the many threads on this book series and the release of the first book’s movie, I propose an “othercott”. I heard of the othercott when Sandra Miesel I believ spoke about doing it response to the davinci Code movie. She got the idea from anohter woman’s blog and when she blogged about it, it spread. An “othercott” is to watch something else the weekend it comes out, thereby telling Hollywood in the language they understand, $, that we don’t support garbage. The weekend DVC came out a group of friends, my sister and some friends and I went and saw Over the Hedge. :slight_smile:
Sometimes boycotts give free publicity and make people curious about watching a movie. So, warn people about the dangers of the movie, and then if your kids, or you and your friends want to catch a flick, plan to watch something else this opening weekend or the following weeknds. I’m going to see if Bella is playing around the area, and research some other movies. :thumbsup:

I meant **BARBARA NICOLOSI not Sandra Miesel. oops :slight_smile:

So, othercott, no loud protests, just inform, and protest with your $ I’ll be watching Enchanted or August Rush instead. :smiley:

What you suggest is not a bad idea. Even if someone is uncomfortable with the idea of boycotting the film, it is perfectly easy to watch something else during opening weekend.

To see what other films are in the theater, I went to RottenTomatoes.com. RT is, among other things, an aggregating site for movie reviews. It gathers together the comments of film reviewers for different newspapers, magazines, websites, etc and provides a “freshness rating” based on whether the comments are favorable or unfavorable.
Please understand that RT is a thoroughly secular and mainstream website.

I was surprised that Golden Compass had only a 40% freshness rating. And among the “Cream of the Crop” film reviewers, Golden Compass had only a 20% freshness rating. This could be another Da Vinci Code !

I saw the first 5 minutes in clip online, it was bad. I know it is only the first 5 min, but it didn’t seem interesting and was far from the way the book started it(i think), so people who read the book won’t like it.

I pick a movie I liked and buy a ticket for that but go see the garbage one.

A note about othercotts:

You need to go see another movie opening at the same time as the one being protested. Yes, I suppose it would be better to see a movie that’s been out for a few weeks than just stay home, but to have the most $ impact (the opening weekend is the big one that everyone measures), you should try to see some other movie opening at the same time. Enchanted has been out already, so has Bella, and I’m not sure about the other ones suggested here. Just to let you know :slight_smile:

I want to “othercott” but I’m going to Holy Day Vigil Mass tomorrow night at 5:30 and after 6:00 the ticket $ goes up two $. I saw a movie last week, so I can’t really see one tomorrow. Enchanted is one I’d see again. There’s not really any GOOD films coming out tomorrow that are a new release that I want to see.

You don’t have to see it tomorrow–you can go on Saturday or Sunday too. And if you don’t see one that’s coming out, you can still see one that’s already been out for a while (better than nothing) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extra info on the othercott. Yep, a new release would be better, but I already planned on Enchanted with some siblings.

Don’t worry, I’ve boycotted all movies of recent years. The last time I was in a theater was for The Passion of the Christ.

The money that one would use to watch the Golden Compass could be used better served in your parish collection plate or donation to an organization this Christmas.

I’ll othercott golden compass’ 3rd weekend on the 21st by seeing National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. I LOVED the first one so I am pretty sure I’ll like the sequel.

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