Ottawa refuses to fund abortion in G8 plan

Canada is refusing to fund abortion services as part of a G8 initiative to improve the health of mothers in poor countries.

Just as G8 officials arrived in Halifax for talks on the maternal-health initiative on Monday, the Conservative government said that other Group of Eight nations can finance projects that include abortion services if they choose – but Canada won't.

nice move :thumbsup:

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nice move :thumbsup:


Go Canada Go :thumbsup:

Yep! Harper is very Pro-Life, so he says.
Many premiers too, especially Danny Williams of Newfoundland, are very, very Pro-Life. Danny Williams would jump over hell and high waters for the Church, and would jump at the chance of martyrdom!

yeah! and Hillary Clinton should just shut her mouth. her own country didn’t elect her to become president (or even become a candidate to be president), so why should she be telling Canada what to do?

i’m glad i now live in a country that just doesn’t do whatever the US says :thumbsup:

Yess!! And everyone thinks this is embaressing… LOL I am soo glad, lets hope Harper has the guts to continue to stick with it!

HOOAH! To my brothers and sisters in the Great White North! :thumbsup:

Hilary Clinton had the nerve to criticise us for taking this position while she was a diplomatic guest in our country.Is she REALLY going to be your next President?

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Go Canada Go :thumbsup:


While I applaud the move, I find it utterly hypocritical when our laws state that all provinces must fully fund abortions.

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While I applaud the move, I find it utterly hypocritical when our laws state that all provinces must fully fund abortions.


Really, I don’t know about Canadian laws can you explain further or provide a link?

Health care is administered by the provinces but paid for from transfer payments from the federal government.

Abortion is deemed a medically necessary service which must be accessible free of charge to all women who ‘need’ it.

Any province that doesn’t provide free abortion on demand sees its transfer payments cut.

At the moment there is only one province (pop. 139,000) where there are no abortions performed and that’s only because they can’t find doctors to do them. That province pays for women to go elsewhere and have them done.

Man that’s just evil and the U.S. is going the same way I really don’t know what we can do; except pray. My own town here in Killeen has an abortion mill!

Because there is NO abortion law in Canada(vacated by Activist Supreme Court)The governments of the provinces have no moral quandry in paying for abortions.Coming soon to a country near you thanks to that (fill in the blank,I don’t want to be suspended again) you have occupying the White House.
Please pray for the Canadian March for Life in Ottawa,May 13 and 14.You won’t see it in any news but there will be 20-30,000 YOUNG pro-life marchers bearing witness to the murder that takes place in the modern Auschwitz every day-the Canadian Hospital.The most notorious and bloody handed abortionist in Canada(by his own admission he has murdered 40,000 of my countrymen and is a death camp survivor Henry Morgentaler)was awarded the Order of Canada which is now a badge of shame.Isaiah 5.

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