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I am not certain I am placing this in the correct forum:

Others also may have noticed that some toy stores were selling Ouija Board for children this past Christmas - targeted at girls in particular. I was shocked to see this while shopping at one here in Canada, and unfortunately even more shocked to discover, subsequently, that a relative had bought the item for her children for Christmas. I attempted to discreetly “run interference” on giving this item to the children but was unsuccessful.

They tried it once and were immediately confronted by the evil this item invites in the form of mysterious answers, deceit, warnings, advice, “revelation” and confusion. They also have suffered some misfortune since the experience, although nothing too serious yet. They were so rattled after the one experience that they immediately threw it in the garbage. Is this manner of disposing of this item sufficient?

There had been some unnatural occurrences in their home prior to the Ouija board, and there have been some additional ones since. I now have warned my relative directly about the use of this item, but remain very concerned that their use of the board and its presence in the home, even just for a brief time, may have opened them up to more serious disturbances. I am very aware of the diabolical nature and danger of these boards - unfortunately, my relative was not. Any informed feedback on what more should be done, if anything, would be appreciated.


Kids don’t recognize the dangers of this supposed game as well as being a mortal sin against the First commandment. Instruct them to make a good confession and encourage them to have their house blessed and in the mean time, they themselves should get some Holy Water and go around the house and bless each place. Pray to St.Michael the prayer used to defeat the powers of evil given to us by Pope Leo XIII.

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.



I know the prayer and pray it myself, daily. Thanks for the feedback


It only takes using it once to open doors to big problems. Here are some steps they can take:

  1. They need to destroy the board and discard it. If possible, sprinkle it with holy water, burn it and bury the ashes. If they don’t live where they could safely burn it, then after sprinkling it, then destroy it some other way (hammer, maybe?) and throw it away.

  2. If they are Catholic, then they need to confess using the ouija board. This is a grave sin against the first commandment. The kids do too if they are seven years old or older.

  3. Say a prayer to take back ground gained by Satan for their participation in the occult:

Renunciation Of Satan and Claiming the Full Victory

  1. The father in the household (or mother if a single parent) should say the Hedge Prayer for Protection of a Household.

It’d be a good idea to have the house blessed by a priest, or bless it themselves (here’s a house blessing they could use.)

Hopefully these steps will help, but if the problem persists, they can find more information at the SPCDC Help Page.


Thank you.


You’re welcome. I noticed these ouija boards (along with the pink board for girls) at Toys R Us this year. :mad:

They may as well give kids books of matches to play with.

Then one aisle over I saw the book Wizardology, a kid’s interactive book which contains spells, tarot cards, palm reading instructions - basically everything the catechism says we should never do.


I was brought up in house that contained everything you could imagine. Tarot cards, Ouija boards, wish card, star cards etc… My mother would say a pray everynight for my brother and I for protection of the Holy Spirit, and then teach me how to use these devices the next day. I became quite good at it, but when my mother was teaching me, she also taught me how to protect the deck or to properly rid the board of spirits. Now it may sound odd, if you still have access to the board you must first say good-bye to the spirit held within it (it ends the session), than spin the board and burn it to get rid of it. My mother told me that is the only way to do it properly. Don’t get me wrong here, I depise that I did that and am now thankfull that it is in my past. It was very scary to grow up surrounded by this stuff, at one point it took over my life and I began to teach others, corrupt them. There is still times that I find myself thinking about it, but I never act. It is horrible that they make this stuff easy to get and I applaud your efforts to intervene.


The older boards were made of wood or wood fiber so one could burn them, although I read somewhere that one should never burn a Ouija board. These new “toys” are plastic so burning is not really an option. I will suggest to my relative to break it and dispose of it. They are not practicing Catholics, although one was raised Catholic. If circumstances in the home deteriorate (hopefully they do not), they then may be convinced to make greater effort to turn to the One Who can help.


The relative also lost her wedding ring just after “playing” with the board - it had never fallen off her finger previously for many years. Is there something specific she can do to assist her in finding it? She suspects the board had something to do with this misfortune (no way of knowing for sure).


Has she gotten rid of the board yet? That is the first thing she needs to do.


I broke in today and it is in the garbage which is being picked up tomorrow.


Does anyone know of a good on-line resource which addresses specifically the Ouija Board from a correct (Catholic) and thorough perspective?


Wait. You broke in or you broke it? Either way, it’s in the garbage, which is good.

My suggestion is the you get the house blessed ASAP. As soon as a priest can come, get the house blessed.

But also keep a lookout. I’ve heard stories of Ouija boards coming back, even after several attempts to dispose of them (but this might just be urban legend).

I, personally, would ramp up on the St. Michael prayers. But that’s just me. Try St. Benedict too. He was the one who was a good demon repeller right?

Unfourtunately, I can’t provide any good links. But I hope my advice helped.


The St. Pio Center mentioned in post #4 is loyal to the Pope and Magisterium. I’ve dug up some Q&A’s on the Ouija board that you may find helpful.

Dangerous advice on Ouija Boards?

Blessings on occult objects (contains info on how to dispose of a Ouija Board.)

Need a good resource that explains danger of Contacting the dead.

Ouija Board Questions

You might also find helpful information at the Online Spiritual Warfare Center.


All of the help is much appreciated (I broke it, not in - disobedient typing finger).


As said this is the best site saint-mike.org/ if you have problems with demons.


Say a prayer to St. Anthony to help her find the ring and to keep up the St. Michael prayers.

Sorry to jump in on the thread but we had a woman talk about New Age stuff at our women’s meeting last week and she brought up the Ouija board and, while giggling, said “Oh it’s ok as long as you know its not real and it’s just a game.” Regardless that two of us quickly said “it opens doors”, she still laughed it off. So I’m looking up resources to present to her.

Thanks for sharing your story and I hope and pray things work out for your relative.


Thank you.


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