Ouija boards?


On this Halloween night, and after just seeing a moive that dealt with them, I need to ask…

Why do people believe in Ouija boards? I heard a GREAT quote one time, “If there really is a way to contact the dead, it’s through a mass produced board game by Parker Brothers.”

Why do people think they can contact the dead through them? Why do others (mostly religious) get so upset by them?

Sorry if this is a repeated post…


I have no idea. LOL

I only have one experience with them; back in high school, at a party - someone brought one. We all took turns - basically stupid stuff, like “What letter does ______ middle name start with?”, and a bunch of other dumb teenage stuff. :wink:

It was just literally fun and games; nobody there believed they could really summon the dead, and good fun was had by all.

So I don’t really get the argument from either side, as I believe that it’s just one more thing out there that entertains some people.


I wouldn’t touch a ouiji board with a 10ft holy water sprinkler.

“If there really is a way to contact the dead, it’s not through a mass produced board game by Parker Brothers.”

It’s all about intent. By your intention of opening yourself up to influence from the spiritual realm without discretion or discernment, you don’t know what/who you’re contacting, and what it’s intent regarding you is.


I hate to be creepy, but don’t underestimate anything that falls into the realm of “occult.” It has a lot less to do with what the device is, in this case, a board with letters and numbers on it, and everything to do with the heart and intention of the people using it. They’re dangerous, especially to kids looking for an exciting or interesting diversion. There ARE things out there that mean us spiritual harm and they respond to stuff like that. Using a ouija board is just like sending them an engraved invitation into your mind and soul.


I and a roommate used one once when I was still young and stupid. I only asked it two questions:

  1. Will I marry? <— it said “Yes”
  2. What will the initials of my future wife be? <— it said “CTP”

About a year later, I met a girl that I did actually end up marrying. Her initials were in fact CTP, though it wasn’t until my old roommate reminded me of our encounter that I actually put it together. I would never use one again.


After reading Padre Pio’s comment that there are so many demons in this world that if we could only see them, they would darken the sky!, I would never take any chance with anything that could in some way give them purchase into our world. The bottom line is, we don’t really know anything about this stuff, right? And Mother Church has told us to stay away from such things–for our own protection. Creepy. :eek:


To my belief, based on stories and experiences of friends, Ouija boards can be used to communicate dead people. About the future stuff, no clue about that. But anyway if you are a goo catholic you shouldnt touch ouija boards as the Church forbids us to conjure up the dead. (Catechism 2116-2117).


So some people actually believe you can communicate with other beings through it?

I do believe that demons can possess us, and sometimes they do.

But come on people. It’s a board game.


It’s not a “game”; there are no dice, no points and no winners. It’s a device that claims to be a communication tool. Anything can be a tool, or nothing at all. Kids do get into trouble with these things, and they don’t tell anyone because no one would take them seriously, just as you’re not taking it seriously. It is seriously wrong and seriously dangerous.


Ouija boards scare the heck out of me.

When I was very young and silly, back in the dark ages of the late 1960s, some friends and I used one, asking the usual “Who will I marry?” types of questions. Well, it turned out that I married someone with the name that the board came up with - years before I met him!

I think we were even so stupid as to ask the name of the “spirit” communicating with us, and got an answer that I have since blocked out, though I remember it sounded native American. When a ring that I wore suddenly slid off my finger and landed on the board (despite the fact my fingers were curved at the time, and the ring was NOT even slightly loose) we all got creeped out. I threw the board out and never used it again.

God only knows what we invite in when we “play” at using a Ouija board.


The internet is full of horror tales of people who talk about the creepy things that happened after using the ouija boards. They are an open door between our world and the other world. Satan uses our curiosity to trap us. A tale as old as Eden, when he lured Eve by promising her if she ate the fruit of the tree, she’d know things that weren’t for her to know. I knew a priest exorcist and he reiterated to an audience once that the quickest way to bring problems into a house was to play with one of those things in the house. You may think you’re playing. The “other team” isn’t playing. They’re deadly serious.


no you cannot contact the dead

what you can contact are evil, prowling demons who hate us and God pretending to be dead people


Wow, and considering how that turned out, I can see why you would never use one again.


People want to believe in magic, that’s why people like things like Ouija boards. There is nothing magical about them, and all the results are generated (subconsciously) by the participants of course.

Some people are more prone to generating experiences that seem magical than others. (Just like some people can be hypnotized and others can’t, just like some people can go to a protestant church, “speak in tongues” and really believe it’s not self generated, just like some people think they are visited by aliens and other supernatural beings…)

Some religious people think that you can invite evil spirits through Ouija boards and other “magical” devices. I personally don’t believe that a device that works off the subconscious mind of the user is any more likely to invite evil spirits than any other activity.


As others have said, its not the Ouija Board, it is the intent of those using it.

I bought one during my sophomore year of college but threw it away after regaining my faith. Why even risk bringing something like that into your life?


One of my friend’s parents set one up to use when we were eight years old. I’d never heard of them before and had no preconceived ideas. What followed was the scariest night of my life, which I don’t even like to think about now, nearly two decades later. So yeah, I wouldn’t just brush them off as a harmless game made by a gameboard company.


Ok, I mean NO offense by this, so please don’t take it as such.

How does it work? Why didn’t Milton Bradley create a game where you can also contact the dead? Can my Magic 8 Ball predict the future? If I play Monopoly can I get rich in the real world?

When Christians get angry at Ouija boards and Horoscopes, God laughs-He has too! It reminds me of a political cartoon in regards to the book, Da Vinci Code. It showed the Mona Lisa with a though bubble saying, “You don’t really believe this stuff do you?”

As said before, I’m no cynic-I believe that if your foolish enough to want to contact the dead, or anything like that, than you will-but you may not like it when you do…but come on people!!! It’s a checkerboard that someone slapped letters on!


Ouija boards are an updated, commercial version of something old. People used to make their own by writting on or arranging letters and numbers on a table. Ever heard of “table-tapping”? Mediums? Crystal balls? Balls of glass aren’t in themselves inherently evil, but the use expresses intent. Handmade ouija boards were common tools of gypsy mediums in eastern Europe for centuries.

I also had teenage experience with a ouija board, very frightening, and unless my friends or I had hidden precognitive abilities, there’s no way it was our expressed subconsciouses.


I don’t understand why you are hung up on the physical ouija board. No one thinks the board is magic. I used to sit in cemeteries with a tape recorder trying to record EVP. I never thought I found an awesome magical tape recorder in the electronics section at walmart, but what I was doing was foolish and dangerous. The effects of my behavior are very clear in retrospect. The danger is that when you try to contact the dead / spirits / whatever else, evil will pray on you.


I know that it’s pretty pointless to try to convince people of stuff that they don’t believe in~even though to my mind (and again, this is merely my opinion; I’m not trying to argue anything that I’m not qualified to at this point~I’m not currently a practicing Catholic, so how the Church feels about this stuff is not my area) it’s hard to just cherrypick bits of belief in the unseen(Good, Bad or Indifferent), if you see what I’m trying to say.

I have what seems to be a fairly typical story regarding Ouija boards in that I was a teenager when a few of my girlfriends and I started messing around with one. It seemed to work better in certain houses: some places it didn’t seem to work at all, others, the thing just went crazy. Mostly it was older houses where the latter was true, but not every older house that we ever used it in. In any case, for a few weeks we got into it to the point where it seemed to be more and more compelling of an activity, sort of to the exclusion of all else, and the messages began to get weirder and weirder: we weren’t, as a group, raised to be religious. I probably came from the home with the strongest religious background (Catholic) but that had mostly been my Grandmother’s influence, and she had died a few years earlier. So the only time I made confession or attended Mass was in the Summertime, at camp. When things around us, as a group, started to be unusually, all of a sudden, sort of chaotically bad: a series of unfortunate and extreme events including a friend (not involved in this little obsession with us, incidentally) attempting suicide, I may have been the only one that didn’t think of it as total coincidence. I don’t know. I imagine I should ask the other girls involved~it’s now been more than twenty-five years.

I’ll be honest because I believe in that above many things in this life: it is my instinct to take this and turn it into a good story. Not at the expense of the truth, but I am a writer and entertainer by nature. I don’t believe this is the place for that. As I look back at it I realize there IS a place for it, just not here. So I’m going to spare the more extraneous details and say this: we were unsupervised, lacked perspective and limits, and did not see any reason, initially, to hold ourselves to any ‘just tell me if I’m going to get married’ kind of stuff. We would ask the thing anything, and were undeterred, if a bit shaken (I can only speak for myself on that) by what seemed to be a whole bunch of really unpleasant events and craziness happening around us~including a great strain on our friendship as a group.

One day, the wine glass we were using in place of the plastic divination device provided by Parker Brothers slid violently as if shoved by an unseen hand onto a carpeted floor and shattered~and we knew better than to use the ‘good’ crystal glasses in the house, this one was hardy, regular glass that would have had to be thrown onto that floor to even be cracked. My hand to God, no B.S. The thing was in a million pieces and neither of us did that~it happened spontaneously on a level table on top of a level floor.

Not long after I found myself in church~this was back in the days when churches were unlocked at all hours for all who sought refuge there. I remember being on my knees, petitioning Mary and Saint Anthony (who I guess is kind of my family’s Saint) to find my sanity and inner strength and restore peace to the people around me, and promising never to touch that thing again.

All I know is, everything got strangely better after that.

that’s my Ouija board story~I would say that if I were blessed with children that I wouldn’t encourage the messing around with them as though they are harmless. Perhaps it is possible to contact good spirits through one~I wouldn’t know. It kind of seems to me though that the only entities accessable through such a device would be souls who are lost and drifting in some way or things that were never alive in the first place, meaning nothing you want to be talking to. And certainly children have no business or perspective or what have you playing around in that arena~they have enough to do learning to navigate our dimension, and you never know what door you might be opening, or if you can close it.
Again, just my opinion folks~though I am interested in what other people believe.
Thanks for listening, and today IS a good day to bring flowers to those who have left us~Happy All Saints Day and Dia de Los Muertos…

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