Our 14th child, just sharing the joy he brings!


I don't post all that often, don't think I even announced the birth of our latest blessing or of my first grandson, so treat this as an announcement! Here is a link to a video we made of our little Elijah, giving us joy, even as he sleeps!


Congratulations! So exciting!! :):):)


Wonderful blessing! Congratulations!:)


Aww :love: what a blessing! And what beautiful eyes he has too :) What a sweet little baby!
Thanks for sharing the joy :D He's warmed my heart so much!


What a great little boy, congrats and God Bless.


He is adorable. I bet your older kids just love love love him!


Oh yes he is very loved! Having a family this size is so hard sometimes, not complaining, without all these children I probably had no chance of attaining heaven, way too selfish ;@) one advantage of having a large family is that it necessitates a certain amount of self sacrifice, I often proclaim that 'these children will get me to Heaven!

Anyway what I was going to say was that one of the joys of large familyhood is watching otherwise self absorbed teens become besotted with younger siblings!


He's adorable :) Congratulations on all of your blessings :)


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