Our 7 new Priests dancing at their Ordination reception


These are our new Priests that were just ordained. What a JOYOUS occasion.
I can only make out 4 of those dancing as the newly ordained Priests. The rest are just clergy that joined in.


How awesome is this? It makes my day. Thanks for sharing.


does anyone have the video with sound?
i would like to know what music they are
dancing too.
nothing happens when i click on the sound button.
i receive emails from Churchpop too.


Is your computer sound on and there is the sound button on the video.

They are dancing to “Shout” by Otis Day I think is the singer


as i said in my post, nothing happens when i hit the sound button.


Sorry it worked for me and others who have watched it.


i even tried the Facebook video which looks the same. nothing happens.

i know they are dancing to Shout because the article identifies the song.

they look silly dancing with no music.

not all comments were favorable.


I must say some of the negative comments surprised me. GOODNESS they worked for MANY MANY MANY years and have sacrificed everything to answer the Lord’s call to serve a s Priests in His Church I think they deserve a little bit of good clean celebration for this very special occasion.


i agree. i just wish i could have heard the music as i watched the dancing.
it was definitely a celebration.


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