Our active Baha'i :)

Is it just me or are our Baha’i members more active than our Muslim friends here? I tend to notice that when people make threads that seem for Muslims, the thread goes in a very Baha’i direction. Of course this is okay; but I’m wondering why?

Are the Baha’i taught to preach, and speak to Christians more than perhaps in the Islamic Religion? Is it just a coincidence? Or do we just so happen to by chance have some really cool, active Baha’i members?

I ask because Muslims outnumber Baha’i in the world by quite a lot, and yet Muslims are rarely as active.

I could be way off base here! Perhaps we just have super active and cool posters from the Baha’i Religion by chance.

Any thoughts?

Well thanks for your question…Dronald…

Baha’is are not taught to “preach” but maybe some of us had Christian origins… It’s true there are relatively few Baha’is compared to most other religions these days.

I think one reason we’re interested in Islamic subjects is because the origins of the Baha’i Faith are from Islamic countries say in Iraq and Iran and we do revere Prophet Muhammad and accept the Qur’an as a Holy Scripture…

Sometimes we find ourselves between Muslims and Christians… not particularly agreeing with either side.

For myself… I usually check and see if there are any references made to the Baha’i faith and see if they are accurate or not… If the references are not very clear or inaccurate I’ll try to explain them.

So anyway… the best to you Dronald!

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Generally Muslims are active in internet discussion but in CAF their number has dwindled either by pulling out or being banned. Perhaps they do not thrived that well in a carefully moderated forum as Islam threads tend to degenerate fairly quickly. Thus it may limit their style which often with veering off remarks not sticking to the topic.

The Bahai’s seem to be more mild and diplomatic. Yes, they are active in this forum even though Baha’ism does not seem to draw much interest. For that we are thankful for their contribution. I think they do a good job in introducing their religion especially for us who heard very little of it.

It seems Islam is more connected to their religion thus it is as if they are speaking and defending it when viewed from our perspective.

To our Bahai’s friends, have a blessed day. Your presence has made this forum the richer.

Reuben :slight_smile:

The baha’is here just seem to have outgoing personalities. I make conscious decisions not to enter certain threads.

Shoghi Effendi, writing in the early twentieth century, encouraged Baha’is in the United States and West broadly to study the Qur’an; he also said that we would be called upon to defend Islam and the Prophet Muhammad to the West.

We have clear theological divisions: we’re more akin to Sufism and Twelver Shi’ism, since our Prophet writes in a thematic, Shi’i like style of Tafsir, appeals to Shi’i Hadith, considers Husayn’s death redemptive, and refers to and seems to accept some sort of authority for the Twelve Imams (of whom we believe our first Prophet, the Bab, is the return of the Twelfth Imam, among other things).

And a handful of us Baha’is online are also academics who have some formal training in Islamic studies. I’m more Christianity/church history, globalization, and sociology, but I know a few things about Islam and can direct people to serious sources

Edit: I usually don’t intend to “baha’i-jack” threads; but I prefer to only speak about that which I know, and I wish others did the same. Especially since I’m more familiar with sociology within religious studies, its easier for me to answer questions appealing to Baha’i examples of religiosity. This also happens to be “teaching” (which is simply explaining our religion, but not for the sake of conversion). I don’t like going out of my way to put Baha’is into a thread where it’s clearly not relevant.

As a Baha’i and a former Catholic, I feel that we have a role to play on religious fora because we have knowledge of and empathy for the world’s great faiths

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