Our Blessed Mother (Part.1)


Here are some different pictures I have collected of Our Blessed Mother.

I hope you enjoy! (and if they are in the wrong thread my sincere apologize)




Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of our Mother.

Warm regards,Trishie :slight_smile:






Gofo, you should make a Mary album :wink: You just go to Profile and click on Pictures & Albums. :slight_smile:




Trishie- You’re welcome

Eucharisted-You’re right I should have done that. Thank you for the advice.


Oh my goodness! How beautiful! I was especially struck by the Native American image of Our Lady. Had never seen one, before.

Thank you for posting these, “GFG”. Are they holy cards? Or images you’ve found on the internet?

God bless you.


My all time favorite image of Our Blessed Mother, is the one on St. Juan Diego’s cloak, that of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It has to be the most accurate because it was miraculously made.

Second favorite is that of Our Lady of China


MarieVeronica- Some are my own (Holy cards, pictures of statues, etc. that I scanned on my computer) and yes some I collected from the internet. By the way, what is a GFG?

wcknight- What can I say about Our Lady of Guadulupe? Wonderfully made by Our Creator. Our Lady of China how wonderful.




Beautiful, thank you! :slight_smile:


Our Blessed Mother (Part 7)


Our Blessed Mother (part.8)


A painting by Celine Martin (Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face)


Thanks for this great collection of Marian art! Keep it coming! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


May God reward Holly3278 for starting this thread where you can view and even post your favorite pictures and videos of Our Blessed Mother



Our Blessed Mother (Part.11)

May God reward catholictiger for starting this thread “favorite images of Our Blessed Mother” in the Traditional Catholicism thread


Our Lady of Lourdes statue was loaned to us from our Church…Every (Parishioner) is encouraged to have the statue “visit” We were blessed to have the statue a little bit longer than anyone else and it truly was a blessing because we sure needed her help.


The following photos are not mine and the blog is not mine so I give credit and thanks to Roberto Villarrica…Some of these images of Our Lady make me want to cry.






[ATTACH]9560[/ATTACH]Our Blessed Mother (Part.12)

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