Our cat was killed in our house by a dog!


I can’t believe what just happened!!! There were two big stray dogs wandering around our yard and my son was trying to check it’s tag so we could ring the owners. We rang and the people said that they had just gotten this new number yesterday… so it wasn’t the owners.
The dogs ran inside our house an we were trying to get them out. One ran off down the street and the other went back in our house, as I was ringing the Council to try to get them picked up.
THEN… It saw our cat!
It ran after it and grabbed it round its neck. My son and I were screaming at it, kicking it, punching it, trying to get it to let our cat go… finally it did, but it killed our cat.
My husband just buried it. Poor, poor thing… what a horrible way to die.
My son is not dealing with the death of our friend and now this. He is so angry.
I’m so upset. What more?


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet! I hope that the owners of the dogs can be found. Thank God no one was hurt.


Oh Jules, I’m so sorry! :console: What a rough time you are all going through. :frowning: I hope it doesn’t sound like an empty platitude but remember, God doesn’t waste a drop of suffering…all this pain can be offered up. Do you make a morning offering each day? That way your whole day can be a prayer no matter what the day brings.

O Jesus, through the most pure heart of Mary,
I offer you all my joys, sufferings, works and prayers of this day,
In union with the Sacrifice of The Holy Mass throughout the world,
In reparation for my sins, for the salvation of souls, for the suffering souls in purgatory and for the intentions of my relatives and friends and in particular for the intentions of The Holy Father, Amen.

Praying for you Jules! :byzsoc:


I am so sorry, that is horrible.

I’ve been through similar things, and I know the anger, frustration and horror of it.

Hug each other a lot.

Report incident to the Animal Control. They will give the owners added incentive to keep their dogs controlled (I hope).

I am just so so sorry.


I am so sorry to hear about this, Jules.:frowning: I will definitely pray for you.

We currently live in an apartment, and one day I was on my way to check my mail w/ my 7 yr old daugther at the complex. Some idiot decided to let his PIT BULL off of the leash, and it attacked a stray cat RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. My daughter was hysterical, and I was terrified. I did report it to the leasing manager, who said that they would make the guy get rid of the dog, but I still see him walking the dog on his leash.:confused: :eek: What’s so heartbreaking is that his PREGNANT wife was with him, and the thought of a baby being around a vicious dog like that makes me sick.:mad:

My daughter is traumatized to this day, and refuses to go near any big dogs – even if we know it is a friendly dog.

I was also attacked by 2 dobermans when I was 5 years old, and still haven’t gotten over my fear of big dogs. I don’t think I ever will.

You are in my prayers. What a terrible week you are having.:hug3:


Jules, I am so sorry.


:eek: OMG, these dogs sound vicious…i’m glad they didn’t decide to attack you or your son! I’m SO sorry about your cat…what a heart-breaking way to see your pet die! :frowning: Seriously, the owners should get into some serious trouble for letting these vicious dogs run around…it’s not normal for dogs to kill cats! My dog wouldn’t hurt a flea (he’s afraid of his own shadow, for goodness sakes).

I’m sorry for your son as well who is dealing with sooo many issues right now…my prayers for you and your family! :signofcross:


Those dogs need to be taken down.

Your poor little kitty! Your poor son AND you!!! Your home invaded when trying to do right, and the loss of your precious cat!!!



Mom, since the manager hasn’t been effective in getting the dog out of the building, how about contacting your local SPCA?


Well, I just can’t believe what is going on here! It just never ends! You would never expect anything like that to happen.
The weirdest thing was, about half an hour after the attack, we were looking around the street for the dog and it was walking towards us. A man was after it and I asked him if it was his dog and he said 'yes’
I told him that it had just killed my cat and he was very good about it as he could see how upset I was. He insisted that it had only just gotten out and that it would never do such a thing.
Well turned out, it wasn’t the dog. It looked EXACTLY the same! Except it had no collar, and the other one did. That dog had a collar and a name and phone no. This one didn’t. How bizarre! Two dogs which looked identical wandering on the same night.
You hardly ever see wandering dogs anymore here. They are very strict on that.
My friend at Mass this morning said I should get my house blessed again, it was almost like a demon, coming in and attacking the cat.
Lucky it wasn’t my toddler, but it’s till so sad about the cat.

stayathomemom, what a terrible thing to happen to you and your daughter! Dogs like that should not be allowed in the suburbs.
I do like dogs, but not viscious ones.
This dog seemed so friendly though, not the type to kill.
I’m still so shaken up by the whole thing… the last few days actually, have sent my head in a spin!


Dear Jules11,

I am so sorry to hear about this. That is absolutely horrible!! Please definitely follow up with animal control if you can. Otherwise, that dog could do the same thing again. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. It is so horrible, especially when you were doing such a nice thing by trying to track down the owner.

You are in my prayers. I will pray especially for you at Mass tonight.




I am so, so sorry that this happened to you!! Poor kitty…You must all be still so shaken up by this.
You and your family are in my prayers:

St Gertrude of Nivelles, patron saint of cats and those who love them, pray to the Lord our God for comfort for the hearts of this family. They have suffered through the trauma of the loss of their cat, & of having this animal invade their home. Pray, please, for their comfort & the healing of this terrible memory.
We ask this in the mighty Name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.


Poor kitty!!! That was probably the LAST thing you all needed! :frowning:


meeee-ouch!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:


why did you let those dogs into our house???




Wow, I guess I have a whole different view of this. And I am honestly NOT trying to downplay what happened or trying to downplay the death of your cat, but it strikes me that you are actually VERY LUCKY.

I live out in the country, we have no animal control out here. If there is a stray on our property the first thing I do is make sure that everyone (both the pets and the family) are safely inside the house. After all, I have no idea of a stray is sick or healthy, friendly or not.

After some observation of the stray one of us (an adult) may go outside and see if the dog appears to be friendly, this can often be semi-reasonably judged by observation through the window. But certainly can be judged better in person, and we have a fence around part of the yard so often it is best to have the stray on the OUTSIDE of the fence and the person on the INSIDE of the fence but approaching the stray and talking to it in a calm voice.

If the stray is determined to be friendly, it may be brought into the fenced yard while the collar is checked and the appropriate person is called (often they have a rabies tag and we call the vet’s office with the number on the tag, the vet then puts us in contact with the owner). But under no circumstances is the stray allowed to come into contact with one of our pets.

Please understand that some breeds are pre-disposed to attack strange animals. Some breeds are pre-disposed to be passive. With a stray you have no idea what you may be facing and you also have no idea about the health of the stray.

I really am sorry about the loss of your cat. I however was reading your post and kept waiting to hear if your son had been mauled or bitten too.

All of us must remember that stray animals are really unknown to us in every way, their health and personalities, their disposition to other animals or to people. Let’s please be compassionate, but let us also be cautious.


We didn’t! My daughter was standing at the front door and they forced their way in. My son was trying to chase them out. One went out the other wouldn’t.


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