Our Daily Bread Booklet

My parish recently started leaving copies of the “Our Daily Bread” inspirational booklet in the back of the church. I’m wondering if this booklet has made its way into other parishes?. I’m a little concerned that it’s not really Catholic as it cites the King James Bible for its biblical passages. Any thoughts from anyone?

I have seen it but not in any Catholic parishes. It is not put out by a Catholic publisher. I have read some of the devotions in it and they don’t seem TOO bad, but I would be a little leary of it since it could potentially contain information that is contrary to Catholic teaching. If I’m correct it is actually a Baptist publication.

Too bad the Didache series of booklets (from the Kerygma publishers in the Philippines) aren’t readily available in the US. Those are excellent Catholic publications and booklets that are in the same vein (and arguably better than) Our Daily Bread.

You can check them out here:


And the Didache booklets (and tons of great Catholic materials) can be bought here:


Before I converted I used to use it. It wasn’t a bad publication but the daily Bible readings are chosen by the contributors so you can have overlap of readings within in days of each other and the readings aren’t geared toward the liturgical seasons in the least bit so you can have Easter Sunday and Christmas Day featuring readings that have nothing to do with those Holy Days.

Since I converted I’ve been exclusively using the devotionals put out called “The Word Among Us.” In that booklet the readings and meditations follow the church’s daily readings. Their meditations are liturgically and seasonally appropriate plus it’s in line with the Church’s magisterium.

Another booklet I hear great things about but limited experience with is “The Magnificat.” I’ve used it a few times and enjoyed it’s layout but can’t comment more on it.


The Magnificat is indeed a wonderful daily prayer book.The other one I enjoy, for its smaller size is “Living Faith”. It fits nicely in a pocket and is most assuredly Catholic.


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