Our Daily Bread

I recieved a little booklet in the mail today, called Our Daily Bread. It is a day-by-day Bible devotional. Should I subscribe to the monthly edition? Is this book (printed by RBC Ministires) compatible with the Church, or should I fin a Catholic altarnative, which I would be more than happy to do.

Are you familiar with Magnificat? It has the daily readings for Mass but also Morning and Evening prayers, and great mini-devotionals from a canonized saint or other Christian for every day–also options for night prayers and little meditations and devotionals that are written for the liturgical year. Great art work. Very nice publication. And unabashedly Catholic. I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:


Heard of 'em, but I just thought they were magazines!

I thought you were talking about a great little book called " MY Daily Bread" which my husband had a long time ago,and loved, I’ve lost it in a move :frowning:

I intend to get that book as soon as I can get to the Catholic book store, but people can order it from amazon which I would do if they took paypal.


Our Daily Bread is a Protestant devotional magazine, albeit rather vanilla.

Magnificat is excellent, but rather expensive, on the order of $45 per year.

Why not try One Bread, One Body, put out by Presentation Ministries (presentationministries.com)? It provides a daily meditation based on the daily mass readings. It’s a lot cheaper than Magnificat–whatever you can afford to donate.


And the organization (RBC) is explicitly in the “Catholics aren’t Christians” camp, so I don’t think you want to support them financially . . .

I glance at it from time to time and never saw anything really objectionable but it is on the bible lite side.

a better inexpensive resource for Catholics is One Bread One Body from Presentations Ministries, and is also online at their website presentationminitries.com

Before I converted to the Catholic Church I used to Our Daily Bread. I liked it, but much like Protestant services, there is no rhyme or reason as to which Bible passages they use. I remember one week where the same passage on two separate days came up.

Personally, I use The Word Among Us. It has the daily scripture readings for Mass along with a Catholic devotional. Each issue also has two or three articles about some inspiring stories or lives of saints. It is also much less expensive thant Magnificat, but it can be just as inspirational.


For what it’s worth. I really enjoy “the WORD among us” a Complete Catholilc Mass and Daily Meditations subscription. It also has great articles, artwork and is extremely well done: wau.org

God Bless.

I wouldn’t recommend reading our daily bread because it isn’t Catholic devotional and it isn’t approved by the Catholic Church for reading. There could be some anti-Catholic propaganda in it???

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