Our dear Bro JR needs all of our prayers!


He sent me this message from his hospital bed tonight…from Br JR

Just pray for me and if you can, start a thread in spirituality ask for prayers for my soul. Thanks.


Prayers going up! Can we pray for anything specific…it would help.


He just asks for prayers for his soul…whether God takes him now or lets him live

This is the first time I have ever had him write like this about his health…I think he is very low right now

I will email everyone’s messages to him…I don’t know if he can manage to answer them


From Br JR

Do not mourn for me yet. I can be haunting these thread for the next 20 years. Just pray for my soul, that whether dead or alive, I may always walk the path that Christ walked and remain faithful to him and as strong as he was in his resistence to temptations. Above all, pray that God may allow me to feel in my body what his son suffered for me on the cross and to love him as he loved me from the cross.


I don’t think we should burden him now with having to reply to many inquiries. Instead, let us do what he asks and assist our faithful family member and embrace him during this difficult time.

He needs to know that he is not alone…we are with him - by his side just as Christ is. He’s embraced with the passionate faithfulness of a loving and empathetic God and His family.


Prayers going up…God bless Br. JR in his suffering!




Heartfelt prayers going up for his peace and healing. Please, Lord, let him be able to come back to bring more of his wisdom to us…


Assuming we are talking about JREducation, he has mentioned in other threads that he is being treated for cancer.

As he has tremendous devotion to his spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi, I’m sure he’d appreciate our asking his intercession on Br. JR’s behalf.




May the strength of the Seraphic Saint, your father Francis, sustain you.
May the wisdom, understanding and knowledge brought forth by Bonaventure comfort you.
And may the simplicity and joy of Br. Juniper bring you a smile in the midst of your suffering.

JR, your presence here at CAF has been of great influence to me. I can’t begin to thank you enough and can now only do so in my prayers.

Pace e bene


Keeping our brother in Christ. Brother JR on my Rosary.


Dear JR may God grant you peace to be able to handle anything, and let every pain and sad thought bring you closer to Him. Our prayers are with you!!!
Love, Ljubim


Prayers!! :crossrc:


Deepest prayers for our dear friend who has so selflessly and completely devoted himself to the way of the Lord.


Prayers to our Holy Father Francis and St Peregrine (patron of cancer sufferers) for brother JR.


I will pray.


He is in my prayers.


I am praying.


God , our Father,source of all health,be near to JR in his time of suffering, relieve him of his burden and heal him,if it be your will. Give peaceful sleep to him to rest his body and soul, and be with him in his hours of silence.


I will pray for him. God bless him.

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