"Our Dear Sweet Christ on Earth."


“Our Dear Sweet Christ on Earth.” Referring to the Pope
When St. Catherine uttered these words, what did she meant?

This had outraged Anti-Catholic Filipinos here…


It means what it plainly means. That the Pope is Christ’s assigned representative here on Earth, the shepherd to His flock. Christ did not leave His flock untended, only to be eaten by ravenous wolves. He ordered Peter to “feed His sheep”. Peter and all his successors since have carried out this command, to protect in Christ’s stead the flock for Christ is the Good Shepherd and He wants His flock to be safe.

Unless anti-Catholic Filipinos have completely forsaken reading their Bibles, they should understand that that’s what Christ did in John 21:15.


I assume this was said by St. Catherine of Sienna.

One of the things she was trying to do was to get the Pope to return to Rome, his proper Church and home.

I think these words should be seen in that context.

Also, only the Pope is infallible, and then only certain rigidly defined conditions. Saints are holy, yes, but that doesn’t mean everything they say (espcially divorced from their context) is infallible.


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Jesus Christ mystically identified Himself with the needy (Matthew 25:40, 45), with His disciples (Acts 9:4), and with the bishops (Apostles and elders) of His Church (Matthew 10:40; Luke 10:16; Acts 15:28; 2 Corinthians 2:10).

St. Catherine recognized the mystical identification of Jesus Christ with His chief bishop, the pope.


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